Teofimo is a fair winner, but the judges had a historical blunder

Teófimo es un justo ganador, pero los jueces tuvieron una pifia histórica

From the outcome of the long-awaited fight between Teofimo Lopez Y Vasiliy Lomachenko we can say that Theophimus he is a fair winner in a very close fight, and that the judges had a historical blunder when they appreciated it much looser than it really was.

At last, what we could call the most anticipated combat of this year and the entire pandemic occurred. He had all the ingredients to be a brawler.

On the one hand, the young man hungry for recognition and respect; on the other, a veteran with the prestige of being one of the best Libra x Libra boxers today.

The place: the famous “Bubble” in Las Vegas. And in addition, it was decided to transmit free to all providers of ESPN a fight that could be a good pay-per-view. In this way, the table was served with all the 135-pound titles at stake: AMB, CMB, FIB Y OMB.

From the outset, the beginning fight seemed not to be possible this year. And is that one was a star and the other a future star. For the same reason, a defeat to either of them would be, hypothetically, a bad deal for Top rank, the promoter of both fighters.

The first half for Teofimo and the second for Lomachenko

The fight came and went as many thought. Lomachenko he was cautious at first, as he usually does in his fights. Y Theophimus He started out aggressive, looking to impose his physical advantage and punch.

But in the first instance, Lomachenko it took him more rounds than normal to begin to decipher Theophimus. And not only that, the Ukrainian hardly threw punches in that first half of the fight and that allowed Theophimus will win the most rounds.

In the middle of the fight, Lomachenko found the angles. And then it began to prevail. To such an extent that he seemed to take advantage in the eyes of many followers.

People say that Lomachenko Heated late, but I wouldn’t say the same. I think he respected the punch of Theophimus because he felt it. Although the vast majority of those first punches were left in the gloves, with that he hit the Ukrainian to know that, if he was careless, he could be hurt. That credit must be given to Lopez, who found a way to get out of rhythm Lomachenko.

But but the other side, there is no doubt that Lomachenko dominated the second half. And I can say that the dominance of the Ukrainian in the second half of the fight was clearer than that of Lopez in the first half.

In short, many saw a tie. As many saw Lopez win; and others, saw Lomachenko win, including me. I scored it 115 to 113 in favor of Lomachenko, in a super close fight. In that, the closeness of the combat, agrees 99 percent of those who have read.

Madness on Judges’ Cards for Teofimo

Now, where my criticism goes is to the cards of the judges who saw win to Theophimus in a loose unanimous decision. But especially, my review focuses on the card of two of them. In my perception, the cards Julie Lederman, which saw 119-109, and that of Steve Weisfeld who dialed 117-111, are unacceptable. For those who do not know how these scores are translated, Lederman he only saw an assault win Lomachenko. Y Weisfeld he saw him win only 3. Something that is totally out of reality.

The lady’s card Lederman, which I understand and believe should be penalized in the same way that CJ Ross on that famous card from 2013 where he saw a tie between Mayweather and the Canelo.

That particular card is crazy that is out of all reality. And furthermore, it is even a lack of respect for boxing and the position of judge in such an important fight.

I have no problems with who saw a draw or with who saw win Lopez. I’ve said it before: in close fights there are NO robberies.

That is my criticism. It is not because the one I thought I was winning or I saw win lost; what irritates is the margin with which the judges saw it.

So they have an idea of ​​how the judges saw it, for them, yes Lomachenko sent to the canvas three times TheophimusEven so, it was not enough for the Ukrainian to win the fight. That’s how serious those scores were. That does a lot of damage to boxing and to the credibility of the judges.

Anyway, Teofimo Lopez He became the first unified 135-pound champion and the first Latino or Latino descendant to accomplish such a feat. And all that with 23 years.


*The author, DAMIÁN FERRER, is The Boxing Philosopher, and you can follow him on his Facebook page.

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