Up! Brian Ortega challenged a UFC legend and wants the belt

Up!  Brian Ortega challenged a UFC legend and wants the belt

Brian Ortega passed over Chan Sung Jung, recognized as “The Korean Zombie“And now he wants a lot more. Both fought in Abu Dhabi, at UFC Fight Island 6, leaving one of the best fights of the year. With the opportunity to go for the title after this contest, the two came out with everything from the first second. That being the case, the American spoke with the press later, leaving very good phrases to highlight.

“It felt great to come back and trust my team, with everything we have been working hard to do and come here and show the world. I knew I could do that once I stuck to a game plan and didn’t get excited like I used to. Of course man. I’ve been working with these guys for a while, “was what the American began saying, after beating the” Korean Zombie “this Saturday.

Wants to go beyond the belt

For its part, Brian He also added: “While everyone had been watching UFC and everything, I disappeared off the face of the earth. He was in the damn dungeon down there, just fighting, watching these fights and saying, ‘Don’t worry. I’m going to have my time. ‘ I saw his fights, the two fights with Max. Obviously after that, I had to see that. He’s very methodical, very technical with the way he approached everything.

“I said this at the beginning, very, very early, when the fight was first arranged: ‘We will meet again.’ It will stay on top. He’s not just a guy who’s going to drop immediately and just descend for his career. I’m not a guy who’s going to fall like this. Clearly, tonight, I showed the world that I am not me, “said the American fighter. Now, in addition to going by the title, he does not forget other surnames.

To culminate with his sayings, Brian Ortega He warned: “It will stay on top. I will be on top. Volkanovski will be at the top. Believe me We are going to have a few rounds with all of us. We are going to keep you entertained. It would just look different. I’m not here to promote anything and say this or that. I only know that I am a better fighter than I was when I fought him and it would be very different.

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