Big bang! Are you operating on Marc Márquez again?

Marc Márquez

Recovery of Marc Márquez It came in a very calm and progressive way, according to the pilot himself. Waiting to officially get back on a motorcycle at the Valencia circuit, the Spaniard is facing his last resting stage, at least officially. The team Repsol Honda confirmed this morning that at least he will not be in Teruel.

According to the Spanish newspaper ‘Mundo Deportivo’, there is a possibility that Marc Márquez will be operated on. It would be the third on his right shoulder after the injury suffered at the Andalusian Grand Prix. If confirmed, this would wipe out the chances of Márquez returning this season in MotoGP.

According to the Spanish newspaper, Márquez is not satisfied with the evolution of his right shoulder. Due to this, he has in mind to return to the operating room in the next few days to definitively solve the problem. If this is the case, the pilot will not return to the circuits during 2020 and will face the next season fully.

During the month of August, Márquez was operated on for the second time after his titanium plate broke in a domestic accident. After that surgery, the Repsol Honda team had confirmed that Márquez would be undergoing rehabilitation for at least two months. In the next few days the time given by the structure will be fulfilled, but it could be more.

Bradl will continue on the bike

This morning, Repsol Honda confirmed that instead of Márquez he will continue Stefan bradl. In recent days, the Spaniard had said that he is looking forward to his return. “I would come back for myself tomorrow, but it won’t be tomorrow. I think it will be sooner rather than later, ”said Márquez. He also added that: “I am now closer to feeling that sensation of going 350 km per hour again.”

Márquez’s tweet

In the last minutes, Márquez only published a picture in which he is seen lifting some weights. This could disprove the rumors generated this morning. However, there are no official statements from the World Champion yet. It only remains to wait for the news to be confirmed or denied.

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