Lomachenko threatened to retire from boxing if he was forced to cancel fight with Teofimo due to injury

Lomachenko amenazó con retirarse del boxeo si lo obligaban a cancelar pelea con Teófimo por lesión

Vasiliy Lomachenko threatened to withdraw if he was forced to cancel the fight with Teofimo Lopez due to the shoulder injury that afflicted him in the last phase of preparation for combat. Lomachenko lost by unanimous decision against Lopez in a fight where he seemed very wary of throwing punches during the first half of the fight.

On Tuesday afternoon the information spread that Lomachenko He underwent surgery on his right shoulder on Monday to repair a challenging cuff injury. The doctor who performed the procedure explained that the injury was severe. He added that the fighter had had it for at least six weeks before the fight, and that Lomachenko fought in physical pain against Teofimo Lopez.

The handler of Lomachenko confirmed the injury and surgery in an interview for ESPN. He explained that the fighter and his team hid the injury to his shoulder because they did not want it to be thought that he was making excuses from before, the Ukrainian’s manager said, Egis Klimas.

“We lost a week of training,” he revealed Klimas to ESPN. “We lost a week of sparring because the doctor forbade him to do a lot of things for a week after the injection.”

Since Lomachenko He arrived in the United States from Ukraine six weeks before the fight, complaining of severe pain in his right shoulder. The doctor administered an injection, the Voluntary Anti-Doping Agency (VADA) and the Nevada Athletic Commission were notified. And, in addition, a week’s rest was ordered for Lomachenko.

Klimas revealed to ESPN that the pain returned during a sparring session and they had to give him another injection in the shoulder. At that time, the father and coach of the Ukrainian, Anatoly Lomachenko he wanted his son to call off the fight, and Vasiliy refused to do so.

The fighter refused to cancel the fight, and warned that if he had to cancel it, he would rather withdraw from boxing.

The handler of Vasiliy Lomachenko, Egis Klimas, wants a rematch with Teofimo Lopez.

“We would like to have a rematch,” he said. Klimas to ESPN. “If they are so tough, are they willing to do it again?”

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