Floyd mayweather assured that they cannot compare to Vasyl Lomachenko with him, or with Sugar ray leonard.

Mayweather considered as disrespectful that part of the press establishes similarities with Lomachenko.

Why doesn’t Mayweather accept the Lomachenko comparison?

“You cannot compare a fighter like Knoll with me, Muhammad Ali or Sugar ray leonard“, He sentenced Money in a promotional interview of Showtime. “Do you know the reason? We won our first fight, we won our second fight, we won our third fight. “

One of the factors for which there is no comparison with it, according to Mayweather, it’s because he kept his undefeated.

“Without taking anything away from what he did Theophimus (Lopez) the other day, but remember this guy (Lomacheko) already lost with Siri Exited“, He emphasized Floyd. “Stepped out He wasn’t the best in the world, he was solid. I had already won a world title before, but it was not the best in the world. “

Amateurism in favor of Lomachenko

Vasyl Lomachenko he has an amateur record of 396 victories in 397 counted disputes, with two Olympic gold medals in his showcase.

At the same time, he managed to become world champion in featherweight, in his third professional presentation.

For its part, Floyd mayweather recognized the achievements of Hi Tech in the amateur field.

“When they compared Knoll with me, I didn’t have to have 500 amateur fights, “he explained. Mayweather. “He did something that I couldn’t do. He won two gold medals, which is a great achievement. Just going to the Olympics is huge in itself. They say he was the fastest to win a world title but once you fight 300 as an amateur, you are a pro anyway. “