What Carlos Cuadras thinks to do differently in revenge with Gallo Estrada


Carlos Cuadras revealed what he intends to do differently, facing the rematch with Juan Francisco Estrada.

“He (Estrada) can start slow, but once he gets into the rhythm, it is more difficult,” he said. Stables in statements to DAZN. “He’s good at hitting the body, and he has a good right hand, that’s the punch that brought me down in our first fight. I gave my all in the first rounds, and I lost my energy for the second half. I started very intense in the fight ”.

Stables ensures that he has sought to improve his physical form to give a more even fight rhythm than in the first.

“This is the fight I was waiting for,” he said. Stables in statements to DAZN. “I am better prepared than the first time. I throw a lot of punches per training, do 12 rounds of sparring with three different guys. Many sparring sessions ”.

In the eyes of The princeHard work to increase your strength, your speed, and your endurance is the path to success.

“I think I’m going to get there very fast and invincible and I’m going to hit Estrada your medicine. That he Rooster take care of yourself, because I’m going to rip your head off, ”said the Sinaloa man.

Also, the former monarch CMB super flyweight stressed that he would love to win the titles that his opponent has.

“It will be an honor to win the magazine title The Ring, and also the belt of the World Boxing Council“, He trusted Stables.

Cuadras-Estrada 1

During the 12 rounds of the first contest between the two, Carlos Cuadras Y Juan Francisco Estrada they left everything on the ring.

By unanimous decision, the Rooster he cackled victoriously. All cards indicated 114-113 in favor of Estrada, who managed to bring down Stables on one occasion and thus gained a minimal advantage in scoring.

The revalidation was in danger

He Prince Cuadras contracted coronavirus in mid-October, so the second confrontation with the Gallo Estrada it could not be disputed.

Already recovered and in excellent condition, Stables He is preparing to finalize details for his next lawsuit on Friday before Estrada.

Where to see the evening

In the Box Billboard of LEFT PUNCHWe will tell you through which channels and at what time the show is televised.

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