The NBA and a project so that its players can be at the Tokyo Olympics

La NBA y un proyecto para que sus jugadores puedan estar en los Juegos Olímpicos de Tokio

NBA, which has just culminated with the Los Angeles Lakers as champion in a special edition disputed in a Disney bubble due to the coronavirus pandemic, already plans how the next season will be and will present a project so that basketball players can be at the Tokyo Olympics.

The most important league in world basketball had planned to start a normal season in January, with 82 games between regular and playoffs, but the Council presented an idea for players to attend the Olympic event in Japan, which was postponed to 2021 due to to the pandemic.

The owners of the NBA franchises are meeting this Friday to discuss plans for the 2020/21 season. The idea is to start as soon as possible, if convenient before Christmas to be able to culminate near the date of the Olympic appointment, which is scheduled to begin on July 23 until August 8.

The project presented has the start date of the tournament on December 22 and it is intended to play 72 games-instead of 82- to culminate near the start of the Tokyo event. The United States National Team is the team that has been champion the most, winning the gold medal 15 times.

At the beginning of October, Adam Silver, NBA Commissioner He had said that he saw “unlikely” that NBA basketball players will go to Tokyo because they did not plan to stop the competition before the Olympics if it started in January: “We will consider it. I think it is unlikely that, if we start late, we will stop for the Olympics. Because, as you know, it is not just a function of stopping during the period in which they compete in Tokyo. But they require a training ground, and then they require rest. “.

However, it seems that the NBA intends to make a change, although several teams doubt that it is possible to “tighten” the calendar Y They propose to start in mid-January, with a normal season of 82 games and that the competition continues, ruling out the Olympic Games. For the United States, the largest sporting event in the world was never a priority, except when they brought the Dream Team in 1992.

Said project that intends to start on December 22 shall be approved by a vote by the NBAPA, what is the National Association of Basketball Players and from what is reported they still do not have a clear position on the matter.

In addition, the new calendar would also include that the All-Star Game is canceled, the traditional event in which the best players of each year participate, divided into two teams that represent each conference (East and West). The main objective of the match is to put on a show and the same weekend there is also a competition of skills and triples.

The official account of the United States basketball team -USA Basketball- published a GIF of Lebron James reacting to the presentation of the project. Will it be approved? Will there be a special edition of NBA?

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