Amazing! The tortuous quarantine of Valentino Rossi

Valentino Rossi

Valentino rossi is facing his second quarantine strict of the year. The Italian confirmed just over a week ago that he is a carrier of COVID-19 and he had to lock himself up in his home in Tavullia, after canceling his trip to MotorLand at the last minute. In addition, he will not be able to be in the race this weekend at the Teruel Grand Prix, in Aragon.

However, the confinement that the Italian lives in his home is not very beautiful. He is a person who is used to living at speeds of 320 kilometers per hour, and now he must be alone in his room, making the corresponding rest. However, it became known in the last hours that fortunately ‘Vale’ is already much better from his illness.

On Saturday morning the team leader Sky VR46 of Moto3, Pablo Nieto, confirmed that he is in full contact with Valentino on race weekends. «Every time he calls you he helps you a lot, and more so with everything he has been through. We are lucky to have him and on top of that, being at his house he calls us a little more than usual. From there it looks different, but the truth is that any advice must be taken one hundred percent, “said Nieto.

Valentino, much better

In addition, Nieto assured that the confinement that Rossi is experiencing these days is torture. Well, he’s locked up at home. Last week he was physically worse and so he spent more time in bed and resting, but now that he is beginning to be well and cannot do anything, it is a little harder for him to be at home and it gives us more war, but positive war », He added.

For his part, who gave more details of Rossi’s state of health was Massimo Meregalli, director of Yamaha. “It is still a strange situation for our team to have only one driver this weekend. The good news is that Vale is feeling better. He no longer has the symptoms of COVID-19 and hopes that his test results this Monday will be negative so that he can join us again for the races, “said Meregalli.

Yamaha’s empty box in Aragon. Source:

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