He does not forgive them! Tony Ferguson exploded against McGregor and Poirier: “There are two …”

He does not forgive them!  Tony Ferguson exploded against McGregor and Poirier: "There are two ..."

The renowned UFC fighter, Tony ferguson, he was furious against Conor McGregor Y Dustin Poirier in these hours. The last two mentioned arranged a rematch, which riled up the Latin American. It should be noted that the “Cucuy” should fight just this Saturday at UFC 254, against the “Diamante.” This was not due to misunderstandings, so now he spoke about it and left very spicy phrases for all of them.

I’m supposed to fight this weekend. Right now, I’m even wearing my hoodie. I’m supposed to weigh today or weigh this morning. Your body doesn’t know when you lost a fight. So technically we were preparing for this fight outside of the Dustin Poirier saga stuff that I call. With him taking the money from Conor and his for the fight, “he began saying, very angry.

In turn, he aimed against Poirier: «He doesn’t want to fight me. That’s why I wanted the fight because in the ranking that’s what it is. Conor is inactive. It has been inactive for a long time. They are both dogs. They want to play their fucking game of grabbing butt and go boxing. We don’t play MMA. This is completely different. You want to take the goddamn bribe money from Conor to open your academy while you should be saving your money, paying for it, donating your time and all these other things.

Shot everywhere

Far from calming down Tony He also added, “You should have had your academy by now. You have been fighting for years. That is an excuse for not wanting to fight. Ali doesn’t want to see that shit. He’s too busy playing goddamn nonsense. The last time I spoke to that bitch, she touched my leg while we were all sitting and I was like a bitch, I don’t know you like that. Never ever touch me like that again. He wants to talk shit on Twitter, he’s one of those guys. Damn rats.

“Khabib already owes me $ 200,000. Ali Abdelaziz offered me $ 200,000. Is not him. It’s from Khabib and 20 push-ups for making the damn tramp push-ups and tease him. I haven’t forgotten that shit. Heard he’s free in December. I am willing to compete. Submission Underground, the introductions are good, but I’m also willing to compete in wrestling. I just want to be active. Even baseball, spring training is coming up, ”joked the UFC fighter.

To close, Tony ferguson He asserted, “I make shit happen for this company. When you have to do shit and no one else is fucking around. You have Conor running with his damn tail between his legs and you have Khabib doing the same looking for candy. I’m a fucking Mexican from Michigan with the last name Ferguson. I used all that energy to do something positive. Being real, I just want to kick butt and chew gum.

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