“I’m not crazy I fight again in the altitude of Mexico City,” says Chocolatito González

Ni loco vuelvo a pelear en la altitud de la Ciudad de México, asegura Chocolatito González

“I’m not crazy again to fight in the altitude of Mexico City,” he said. Román “Chocolatito” González, about the experience of fighting at 2,200 meters above sea level, after beating Israel Gonzalez Friday night.

“With the height of Mexico City you do not play,” he explained Chocolatito González in an interview for the Nicaraguan journalist Levi moon. “By the third round, he was already tired.”

The Nicaraguan successfully defended his championship AMB weighing 115 pounds, and detailed his experiences of fighting at 2,250 meters above sea level, not wanting to hide behind that detail.

Chocolatito González and the height of Mexico City

“I didn’t feel very good. I don’t want to make an excuse either, but I have never felt that way in my life, ”he emphasized. Gonzalez. “When I got to the corner, frames (gentleman) he asked me if everything was okay, and I answered yes ”.

The altitude of Mexico City affected his breathing capacity, reveals Chocolatito.

“He would tell me what to do and I would listen, but he knew something was happening,” the Managua native told his coach. “When I got to the corner, I would tell him I was tired and ask me to breathe.”

The requirement to fight in the studies of Box Azteca It was huge for his body, according to the Nicaraguan.

“I feel very beaten,” he said Gonzalez. “I feel like I pushed my body too hard. I wanted to breathe, and my heart went ‘boom boom boom!’ Every time he threw a punch, he felt like a weight was on his arm. If I had not had a good camp, I would not have obtained this good result ”.

The Mexican capital will leave its mark on the Nicaraguan career.

“It has been a tough fight to reach 50 victories,” he added. Chocolatito. “Every fight is a new experience. The height of Mexico hit me too hard and, by the mercy of God, I was able to get ahead and win every round ”.

And that, despite the fact that Chocolatito He arrived in Mexico City on September 26, almost a month before the fight. That, to acclimatize to the altitude and complete his training camp.

Your contest yesterday

Román “Chocolatito” González was imposed on Israel Gonzalez by unanimous decision, after 12 frenzied rounds.

With this result, Roman Gonzalez revalidated his world title of the World Boxing Association super flyweight.

“I did not see him hurt at any time,” he replied. Chocolatito when they asked him about his rival. “With some low blows, I did look at him (resent), but not upstairs. He felt like he didn’t have enough strength to hurt him. He did his job very well, and it came in good condition. I felt some blows that hit me, but it didn’t hurt much ”.

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