The Argentina XV team that will seek to be champion of the South American 4 Nations

The Argentina XV team that will seek to be champion of the South American 4 Nations

Argentina XV will look for the title of the South American 4 Nations against the local team starting at 4:45 pm on Sunday. So far in the competition that takes place in Montevideo, the set of Ignacio Fernandez Lobbe accumulates 2 victories in the same number of presentations and, if they beat Uruguay XV, they will become champion of the tournament.

For that, the head coach decided to make a series of modifications regarding Wednesday’s victory against Brazil XV: on the first row, enter Javier Diaz as the left pillar, displacing Francisco Minervino to the right side.

In the second line, Santiago Portillo will take the place of Gutierrez, while the third line will remain the same, with Lautaro Bavaro, Santiago Ruiz and Javier Ortega Desio.

The opening will be Martin Elijah instead of Santiago Mare, while Matthew Carreras will take the place of Leopoldo Herrera as wing. In consecuense, Castiglioni, Cubilla, Osadczuk and Cancelliere they will be headlines again.

On the first day of the competition, the Argentine team just beat Chile XV, while in its second presentation it took a comfortable victory against Brazil XV.

The host team, meanwhile, comes from a surprise loss to Chile XV. However, he maintains his chances of winning the title if he defeats the Argentine team.

Argentina XV: 1- Javier Díaz; 2- Ignacio Díaz; 3- Francisco Minervino; 4- Santiago Portillo; 5- Franco Molina; 6- Lautaro Bavaro; 7- Santiago Ruíz; 8- Javier Ortega Desio; 9- Joaquin Pellandini; 10- Martín Elías; 11- Mateo Carreras; 12- Teo Castiglioni; 13- Tomás Cubilla (C); 14- Matías Osadczuk; 15- Martin Cancelliere

Substitutes: Vaca, Favre, Carullo, Martínez, Gutiérrez, Bázan Vélez, Castro, Ferrario, Mare, Perez Rachel and Tallone

Uruguay XV: 1- Ezequiel Ramos; 2- Guillermo Pujadas; 3- Ignacio Péculo; 4- Juanjuan garese; 5- Lorenzo Surraco; 6- Eric Dosanto; 7- Lucas Bianchi; 8- Santiago Civetta; 9- Ignacio Rodríguez; 10- Rodrigo Silva; 11- Baltazar Amaya; 12- Andrés Vilaseca (C); 13- Felipe Arcos Pérez; 14- Juan Manuel Alonso; 15- José Iruleguy

Substitutes: Benítez, Arbelo, Segredo, Aliaga, Lijtenstein, Freitas, Della Corte, Favaro, Diana and Perillo

Source: South America Rugby.

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