This was the meeting between Gallo Estrada and Chocolatito González hours after their fights

Así fue el encuentro entre Gallo Estrada y Chocolatito González horas después de sus peleas

A few hours after they both won their respective fights on Friday night, Román “Chocolatito” González Y Juan Francisco “Gallo” Estrada They met at the concentration hotel to greet each other and talk about the long-awaited rematch fight.

On Friday night, both in their respective fights, they coincided on the same card, on the same date and in the same ring. They both won their fights. The promoter Zanfer He managed to sit them together to do an interview that he spread on his social networks.

“We know that everyone is waiting for the fight between the Rooster and me ”, the Chocolatito González“. I hope to God that next year everything will take place ”.

At that time, the Chocolatito shook the hand of Gallo Estrada and congratulated him on his victory.

“As you say, everyone is waiting for the fight and hopefully next year, God first,” replied the Rooster. “We both won, which is what we wanted, and what the people wanted. We both put on a great show. And I think we deserve that fight. “

The interviewer asked them if they wanted a rematch.

“I do want revenge,” he replied. Estrada. “We are going to wait for the promoters, they pay us and the fight is made.”

At that moment, everyone who saw the interview in the place began to applaud and cheer them both, asking for the fight. And that started the laughter of both.

“Get the money out!” Exclaimed the Rooster laughing, making the very Mexican sign of money with his hand.

The first fight between the two took place in November 2012, when Estrada he was a promising prospect fighting in his first title match. He Chocolatito, on the other hand, he was already reigning in his second weight class. The fight was very close and competitive, but he won it Chocolatito by unanimous decision.

Since then, for eight years, a rematch has been called for between the Chocolatito González and the Gallo Estrada. It has not materialized, mainly because the Nicaraguan demands that both have the best economic bags of their careers.

However, from that moment the careers of both seem destined to intersect permanently.

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