Vitali Klitschko tested positive for Covid-19

Vitali Klitschko dio positivo a Covid-19

Vitali Klitschko announced that he tested positive for Covid-19, just one day before the elections for the mayor of Kiev, Ukraine, in which he seeks to extend his mandate

The former heavyweight world champion is mayor of Kiev, the Ukrainian capital, and revealed on his social networks that he contracted the virus, just a day before the elections to revalidate his position.

“Friends! The coronavirus intruded at the least convenient time. Today I received the positive result ”, published the oldest of the brothers Klitschko on his Instagram.

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Друзі! Коронавірус підкрався в самий незручний момент. Сьогодні отримав позитивний результат тесту 🙁 ⠀ Робота мера під час пандемії, звичайно, передбачає постійний ризик. Спілкування з людьми, перевірка лікарень. Зокрема, регулярно бував і в інфекційних відділеннях, де лікують хворих на COVID-19. Намагався берегтися. Враховуючи специфіку роботи , регулярно робив тести Сьогоднішній, на жаль, -…..! невтішний ⠀ Почуваюся добре Але мушу піти на самоізоляцію Працюватиму з дому ⠀ Будь ласка, не нехтуйте правилами і не ігноруйте загрозу Бережіть себе!

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Vitali Klitschko revealed that it was most likely during his visits to hospitals that he was infected with Covid-19.

“The mayor’s job during a pandemic, of course, involves constant risk,” he emphasized. Doctor Ironfist. “Communicate with the people, check the hospitals. In particular, I regularly visit infectious disease wards, where Covid-19 patients are treated ”.

In addition, the former world champion explained that he was always handled with caution, and in compliance with the protocols

“I tried to be careful. Given the details of the job, I was tested regularly. Today, unfortunately, the result is disappointing, “wrote the 49-year-old politician.

The government management of the fight against the virus that led Vitali Klitschko in Kiev he received praise from the international press for having been able to contain the impact of only 15 deaths in the city he governs.

Vitali Klitschko, without symptoms of Covid-19, but with care

Vitali Klitschko He gave notice of his current situation, and of the precautions he took from knowing the positive result of his test.

“I feel good, but I have to bet on self-isolation. I will work from home ”, he informed Klitschko.

“Don’t ignore the rules, don’t ignore the threat! Beware! ”He exclaimed Vitali Klitschko, who has served as mayor of Kiev since 2014.

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