Aimar: “Coaches have to find a way to compete with the powers”

Aimar: "Coaches have to find a way to compete with the powers"

The difference in game and result between the South American and European teams both at club and national level, in recent years has been very marked and Pablo Aimar, as a youth team coach and assistant to the Senior National Team, he recognizes it.

In an interview with Zenith, the former player of River, Valencia and other teams, the now technical director referred to this gap in the level of play with the clubs and selected teams in Europe and pointed out that “There is something we coaches have to take care of and that is to find the way to compete with the powers. Even as CONMEBOL. It has been four World Cups that we haven’t won, since Brazil 2002. Of the last ten intercontinental, we won one. Flamengo competed with Liverpool and that’s a lot. There were some where we couldn’t do it. We have to be there again: in juniors, in seniors. To have that place that South America had until not long ago ”.

When asked why football on this continent lost its place, Aimar indicated some of the reasons why this could have happened, but admitted that “I am not very clear about it.” However, he detailed: “I think the Europeans have invested very well. They had and have to invest, they have chosen very well where to do it, which is in infrastructure and training. In bringing young players who raise the level of those born there ”.

In addition, he stressed that “we, with our weapons and our cards, imagination, talent, creativity, we have to compete with them again.”

On the other hand, he spoke about the training of players and the habits of new footballers who do not usually watch full football matches: “I think the boys are more impatient. Come at the end all the goals or the summary of the match. But, at the same time, they can see finals ”.

Regarding the importance or not of the new litters of players watching football or not, the ‘Little Clown’ stated that “I think it is important to see each other. Afterwards, I think they see their reference. In a practice, you realize that there are players who are influenced by someone ”.

Regarding this, he recalled his time as a player and his starts: “I remember seeing Gorosito kick a corner and say: ‘I want to hit him like that.’ Because I didn’t hit him like that with the instep on the side, everything was perfect. And then he practiced hitting him like that ”.

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