How will the definition of the Six Nations 2020 be

How will the definition of the Six Nations 2020 be

This weekend the fourth date of the Six Nations was completed with the pending match between Ireland and Italy. The 50-17 victory left Andy Farrell’s team looking pretty good for the future.

This is how the positions of the Six Nations 2020 remained:

Next, we are going to analyze what has to happen so that each of the candidates to lift the trophy can do so.


All eyes are going to be on Ireland as they depend on themselves and if they match England’s result they will automatically win the title. If Andy Farrell’s team wins with a bonus point at the Stade de France they will secure the championship and the crown.

If they win without a bonus point, they will remain at 18 points. Eddie Jones’ team could catch up with them with a bonus win in Rome and then everything would be left to the point difference.

A tie in Paris it leaves France out of the discussion, but it would benefit England that winning would be the one who celebrates big.



Clover scored a total of seven tries and is now going for the 2020 Six Nations title. (Source: Six Nations)

In case of losing, the clover would miss a great opportunity and would get out of the fight for the cup.


The French team is the one that will have the highest level of demand for the final. You must win and by a wide margin to celebrate. In turn it depends on England.

Follow with a bonus point and England wins without obtaining the bonus, there they can be champion. In the event that both win the same way, everything will go through the difference in points, where the French team would lose by the difference and that is where the large number of points that must be obtained in the final score come into play.

In case of tie or lose, France would be left out of all kinds of discussion and give the chances to England and Ireland.


The English are the great beneficiaries of this great definition. They will face a match that shouldn’t be a big challenge in Rome. A win with a bonus point would be the dream scenario, as long as Ireland does not win with a bonus. There the celebration would be all green.

In case of winning without bonus you will have to wait for France to emerge victorious and not get the bonus point. Of equalize in units, everything would go through the points in favor where England has a slight advantage.

If he draws or loses to Italy, the champion is going to leave the match in Paris.

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