Season of terror! The Cowboys, humiliated against Washington and with Andy Dalton out


Nothing comes out for Cowboys in this NFL season. While they were favorites to get to the Super Bowl before the season, after Week 7 they are one of the worst teams. This Sunday, Dallas again had a nightmare afternoon, as it fell to Washington 25-3 and added his fifth defeat of the season. Also, the bad news does not end, because they lost Andy Dalton, his second quarterback.

Andy Dalton, bad and bad

After the terrible injury of Dak prescott, who broke his ankle in Week 5 against the Giants, Andy Dalton he was responsible for taking over the controls of the Cowboys. However, the former Cincinnati quarterback suffered a severe blow today and left the game in the third quarter due to a concussion. So Mike McCarthy was forced to bring in the third quarterback of the franchise.

On the third chance and 10 at the Dallas 3-yard line, Dalton wanted to throw the ball and finding no receivers, he opted to run, but when he slipped at the 9, the Washington linebacker, Jon bostic, hit him on the head, knocked off his helmet and was also expelled for his action. The play immediately set off Dallas alarms, as Dalton had to receive medical attention.

A very low-key performance

Before leaving the game against Washington, Andy Dalton he completed just nine of his 19 passes to reach 75 yards and an interception. Plus one fumble and three sacks. Dalton’s place was taken by the passer Ben dinucci, that little could do to avoid the ridicule of the Cowboys, that they do not find the way and they are directed to another failure in the NFL.

What’s next for the Cowboys?

The result of this Sunday set off all the alarms of the franchise, as some heads could roll in Dallas. So far, the Cowboys are third in the NFC East with a 2-5 record. The following week they will face another tough divisional clash against the Eagles in Philadelphia. While in their next match they will play against Steleers, who have a perfect record.

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