South American 4 Nations: Chile XV beat Brazil XV 26-13

South American 4 Nations: Chile XV beat Brazil XV 26-13

Chile XV closed its participation in the South American 4 Nations with a valuable victory against Brazil XV by 26-13 and, also, a great participation in the competition that took place in Montevideo: they only lost to Argentina XV in the opening of the same and in the second date gave the great hit by beating the selected host.

The first half was even, disputed. Brazil XV fought as equals in each sector of the court to Chile XV, which with the weight and pressure of the game, had some difficulties in the transfer of the ball.

Although it disturbed its rival, the team led by Paul lemoine It was not a clearly dominating team because its forwards failed to impose the necessary conditions. The Brazilians fought each and every one of the balls.

In the second half, the panorama changed. Chile had more deployment and prominence. He managed to stay in the rival field and had the possibility to prevail in the contact, to complicate each Brazilian advance attempt and that combo awarded him points.

Without the ball, he was very compact and with the ball, dangerous. Brazil insisted everything they could and tried with each one they had, in all possible ways, but those attempts were unsuccessful and just as they obtained profits from their fight in the first half, in the complement it was uphill.


Chile XV: Javier Carrasco, Tomás Dussaillant, Matías Dittus; Clemente Saavedra, Javier Eissmann; Martín Sigren (c), Ignacio Silva, Nicolás Garafulic; Marcelo Torrealba, Santiago Videla; Julio Blanc, Franco Velarde, Domingo Saavedra, Matías Garafulic; Francisco Urroz.

Coach: Pablo Lemoine.

They entered: Augusto Bohme, Iñaki Gurruchaga, Salvador Lues, Santiago Pedrero, Raimundo Martínez, Alfonso Escobar, Jan Hasenlechner, Petrowitsch, José Larenas, Rodrigo Fernández, Diego Warnken.

Brazil XV: Wilton Rebolo, Lucas Abud, Matheus Rocha; Gabriel Oliveira, Gabriel Paganini; Yan Rosetti, Adrio Luiz, André Arruda; Douglas Rauth, Lucas Spagg; Daniel Sancery, Moisés Duque, Felipe Sancery (c), Robert Tenorio; Laurent Bourda.

Coach: Fernando Portugal.

They entered: Alexandre Alves, Endy Willian, Henrique Ferreira, Kauã Guimarães, Devon Müller, Joshua Reeves, Felipe Gonçalves, Lorenzo Temper, Daniel Silva, Guilherme Dias, Cruz.

Chile XV
Tries: Sigren, Larenas
Conversions: Videla (2)
Penalties: Videla (3), Urroz

Brazil XV
Conversions: Duke
Penalties: Duke, Reeves

Cards: 46´ Guimaraes (BRA),


Felipe Sancery, captain of Brazil XV: “It was a very physical game, and as the game passed but we started to get tired, after playing three games in ten days, we failed a bit in the fixed formations and it got complicated for us. is that we are a young group, which is going to have a great future “.

Martín Sigren, captain of Chile XV: “We knew it was going to be very tough, very physical … Brazil is a large team.” “We are very happy to have won. It was our goal, to be able to beat Uruguay and Brazil.” “The replacement in the games has been something key.”

Fernando Portugal, Head Coach of Brazil XV: “First of all, I want to thank South America Rugby, because organizing this tournament was a tremendous effort, so thank you very much, because it gave us the opportunity to prepare three games in a row. Although it was only a few days of rest between them, they were parties and days of much learning “.

“The tournament was nice. We were able to see new players in a competitive situation … what happened here was great.”

“The boys felt the defeat, but we made the best of each date and we stuck with it.”

“The teams played and used their opportunities against us when they could and that’s what the Chileans did today. We defended the maul well and while we could, we resisted.”

“Lemoine is doing a tremendous job in Chile, congratulations. If the region and our adversaries grow, we grow too.”

Pablo Lemoine, Head Coach of Chile XV: “Today we started out of the blue and it was very difficult for us to get back on the path of our game. We stopped playing where we are strong and that was seen. It cost us and it is something to work on.”

“I am very happy for the staff, who made a great effort. Also for the players. They also made a great effort and understood that sacrifice and perseverance are important and pay off, but we still lack in many aspects, within and off the pitch. “

Source: South America Rugby.

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