Is a new star born? Joel Álvarez wants to take all the eyes in UFC

Is a new star born?  Joel Álvarez wants to take all the eyes in UFC

On another great night at UFC 254, Joel alvarez He started the show high and gave a shocking submission. In the first fight of the night, the Spanish stopped what to talk about, since he decided to quickly finish things and ended with Alexander Yakovlev in a very good way. The image he left was spectacular, so many are already asking for him back in action. Therefore, hours later, he spoke to the press

“We have been working very hard all this time. Today the fight did not last long, so I am ready to do it again soon. Now I will enjoy the family and I will take a few days, but then I will start again to return as soon as possible. Without a doubt, they are the best to subdue rivals and that was demonstrated today. I have no problems with who they put me in front of. I hope whoever it is », he communicated, after his victory.

At a press conference, Joel mentioned the following: “We both had long arms, so we trained a lot. I was on guard and was able to get him into the triangle and pull his arm. I am a submission artist. I felt that the arm was not completely on his neck, so I did not want to tire myself with that submission. I just played that to grab the arm, get into the triangle and go for the arm.

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“I’m professional. That never happened before and will never happen again. Next time, I’ll have to plan it. Maybe four weeks wasn’t long enough for me to gain weight. Anyway, I felt very good and comfortable. I was able to do what I wanted to do, and that’s exactly what makes everyone on the team happy. I hope I can fight soon, “added the European to his sayings.

To close, Joel alvarez He referred to what is coming in his near future. “I feel very good. This is my third win in a row. I’m very good, getting all those wins, but right now I need to take some time off and deal with some injuries and we’ll see what’s next. I’ll be back soon, more prepared, feeling better and getting a better victory next time, ”explained the Spaniard.

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