Nobody knew! Khabib Nurmagomedov’s coach revealed injury and illness of Russian

Nobody knew!  Khabib Nurmagomedov's coach revealed injury and illness of Russian

Khabib Nurmagomedov is on everyone’s lips, after his submission to Justin Gaethje and retirement at UFC 254. The undefeated champion did it once again and everyone is talking about him in the world. Clearly an era is ending, one that was completely dominated by Dagestan. But that’s not all, since the coach, Javier Mendez, revealed that he had a physical injury and suffered an illness in the previous days.

“This was the worst camp we have ever had in the sense of preparation. It will really be forgotten, it was too bad for what we were used to doing. The accommodations were the best of all, the hospitality was the best of all. But we were so unlucky », was what the coach of Khabib, who is the sports replacement for his deceased father, who lost his life in July to COVID-19.

Incredible fact

For its part, Javier She also reported the following: “There was a staph infection with many of the boys and the mumps. Khabib had mumps two weeks before [campo de entrenamiento] and I was like ‘OMG I’m so worried’. He trained one week very lightly and then the following week broke his toe next to his little finger. Due to the broken finger, we were out again.

“This was a very difficult camp. But Khabib He said ‘Coach, my toe may be broken, but my mind is not.’ I said that I know and that’s when I knew that he was going to fight against all this adversity no matter what, “he also added Javier Mendez, surprising many around the world. Now, you know that NurmagomedovBesides everything, he fought with a significant physical injury and was able to make history.

Notably Khabib Nurmagomedov He retired this Saturday from Mixed Martial Arts, with a 29-0 record in his favor. Although he had mentioned days ago that he would do it with a 30-0, everything was advanced. The Russian already had it planned, since it was a decision he made together with his mother. It was given days after the death of his father, taking into account that he will not continue without his mentor at his side.

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