Terrible! Jared Cannonier admitted serious injury after duel with Robert Whittaker

Terrible!  Jared Cannonier admitted serious injury after duel with Robert Whittaker

A heartbreaking combat was experienced in the co-star of UFC 254, with Jared cannonier as one of the protagonists. On the other side was Robert Whittaker, who was able to emerge victorious from the contest. In “the island of the fight” the two left one of the best fights of the weekend, although then bad news for the loser was revealed. He himself was the one who admitted it to the press, noting that he ended up injured.

The first round went through more of the hitting intent of Jared cannonier, but the blows ended up giving Whittaker. The first of those mentioned hit a lot from underneath, with kicks that hurt his opponent, although that was not enough to earn the cards. His opposite was somewhat more intelligent and left a better image, since he studied this contest in a very good way.

“That wasn’t exactly how I wanted, but my spirits remain high and I’m happy with the way I struggled all things considered. The first kick he threw broke or fractured my left ulna. I could not find my grove and adjust quickly to get the W, so I will take my L with pride, “was what the injured fighter began by saying, focusing on what happened.

Also, continuing in the same vein, Jared cannonier He also communicated the following about it: “@robwhittakermma certainly lived up to my expectations before and after the fight. Congratulations mate. Enjoy Christmas and the new baby. It was an incredible experience to be here. I can’t wait to go back. In this way, it is known that it will take time to see him in the cage again.

Whittaker’s word

«I am very well and very happy that everything ended. Extra happy with the result. I have a 10-1 record in this division. You never know how things are until you fight. I hit him really hard once and not only did he stay on his feet, he kept walking backwards. He’s a really tough fighter really. We knew that he was going to be aggressive and that he was going to move forward, “was what he said. Robert Whittaker, after the triumph.

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