Unusual! Jon Jones mocked Khabib Nurmagomedov on social media

Unusual!  Jon Jones mocked Khabib Nurmagomedov on social media

The champion and undefeated Russian, Khabib Nurmagomedov, is on everyone’s lips, especially Jon jones, who made fun of him. Last Saturday, the Dagestan man was able to defend his title once again, against Justin Gaethje, and announced that it was his last fight in Mixed Martial Arts. Therefore, all the stars of the UFC, Bellator and other companies delivered messages to him on the networks. As such, the former Semi-Heavyweight champion was very controversial on Twitter.

“15 world titles, the numbers don’t lie. Definitely a powerful moment, but my logic is definitely not clouded. I’ve won 15 world titles, he just won the fourth. The fact that this is even a conversation is mine. When I signed with the UFC, I was one of the youngest fighters on the list, the youngest champion in the history of the sport and I have only had three competitive fights, “was what the American began.

At the same time, Jon He also explained the following in this regard: “I understand that most people have never been number one in their community, state, and much less in the world. My competitive nature will not allow me to sit still and watch someone ask to be considered the best. I have sacrificed too much blood. I mean, if I’m ranked by a man with only three title defenses, I really don’t know what to think anymore.

He is upset by the decision

“More than 50% of my career has been title fights. LeBron James can win a game by one point, but not Jon jones. Man, I’ve really screwed them up. If we’re going to have a popularity contest, I’d gladly take my L. This shit has nothing to do with fame or being a good person. I have given my entire adult life to this game, I owe it to myself to speak, “said the legendary UFC fighter.

To close, Jon jones He was also furious: “People want me to be quiet and let their moment pass while I sit back and watch my hard work go down the rankings. It’s not fair to my family or the team of people who have sacrificed to take me this far. Not salty at all, I really respect Khabib, I honor the kind of man he is. But being the best is won, it does not happen. Unfortunately, four title fights, no matter how much we all like it. “

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