Víctor Blanco: “I think Lisandro will retire in Racing, beyond possible offers from China”

Víctor Blanco: "I think Lisandro will retire in Racing, beyond possible offers from China"

Victor White, the president of Racing Club, He astonished the academic world by admitting that an offer for Lisandro López could come from China, but he is confident that the captain will close his career at the club “for the sense of belonging” what’s wrong with it.

In dialogue with the radio program “How are you doing?” of Radio Cologne, the head of the Avellaneda institution stated: “Beyond possible offers from markets like China, I think Lisandro is going to end his career in Racing, he has a sense of belonging that has already shown it”.

At the time of retirement, Lisandro has the doors open to work at the club. We do not want to condition him for what he wants to do, he knows that Racing is his home”, Blanco completed about the Racing captain.

Another of the great novels that the campus lives is continuity, or not, by Darío Cvitanich, whose contract expires in December and is not taken into account by Sebastián Beccacece. “We have to see how we do in the Cup and from then on it will be decided what to do with the squad. We have a very good relationship with Cvitanich, you have to be respectful with the player and wait a little longer”, Highlighted the academic president in this regard.

He also recognized that there was a real interest from Palmeiras to take Beccacece: “A concrete offer came from Palmeiras for him. It is very important for us that he has bet to continue in Racing. We thank Sebastián for his show of commitment to the club. Sometimes money rules and he rejected something important, speaks well of him. He thought about it and luckily for us he made the right decision”.

The Academy will face the last champion in the second round of CONMEBOL Libertadores and Blanco commented on this complex match against Flamengo: “In Libertadores all rivals are difficult. We are in the final stretch, we had a good campaign with 15 points. Let’s hope we measure up properly, we know they have a higher budget than us”.

And he dared to dream: “Hopefully it will be a nice and favorable match for us. Flamengo has a great forward, it is one of the teams that scored the most goals, but Beccacece has experience, he has already played against Brazilian teams”.

More statements by Víctor Blanco in “How are you doing?

Sergio Romero has to be convinced to come to the club that formed him and catapulted him to go abroad, but it is a difficult decision because there is a family behind it. Economics should not be the problem for these players “

I would like River to play in a stadium, I think it gives our football more hierarchy. I hope that what is decided is the best “

“You have to listen to your collaborators, they were the force for me to make the decision to present myself to the elections. We made a great effort these days to achieve unity, but there is still time “

Our challenge is to keep the club like all these years and keep growing. We are going to finish some works, continue with the theme of the stadium and Tita, they are priority places for Racing “

“Among our projects are the improvements of the stadium, modifying the areas of the pits that surround the playing field, stalls, popular and bathrooms. We are aiming for five years, but hopefully we can finish it sooner “

We have several very good inferior players. In all markets we receive offers. We bet not to sell and stay with the footballers for this semester, since we think about the Copa Libertadores ”.

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