Viral! Khabib Nurmagomedov broke his tooth and bloodied a companion by a snake

Viral!  Khabib Nurmagomedov broke his tooth and bloodied a companion by a snake

Khabib NurmagomedovUndefeated champion of the UFC, he is not only talking about in the cage, but also outside of it. The Russian fighter saw action this Saturday at UFC 254, when he again defended his belt against Justin gaethje in Abu Dhabi’s “island of struggle”. Anyway, in these hours, the image that went viral was the one born in Dagestan, but running and getting hurt by a snake that was nearby.

It should be noted that, after a very good first round for Justin Gaethje, Nurmagomedov He was firm and eager to finish the fight as soon as possible. So at the beginning of the second round, he threw him to the canvas and, with a leg lock, left him sleeping. Seconds later, while filling the cage with tears, the American approached and hugged him for the pain he felt. Thus he said goodbye to Mixed Martial Arts.

Now, in the viral video you can see how Khabib he had just finished a training session and was resting on the ground, when teammates put a giant snake behind him. Act followed, when the Russian noticed the strange company he had, he ran away scared. There, when he wanted to go down some stairs, he hit the head of another colleague and injured his teeth. Also, the other character ended up with a cut on his scalp.

Nurmagomedov’s words after UFC 254

God gave me everything. Thanks to my team, who are with me all the time. I want to thank everyone who was also with my father for more than ten years. Today I also want to thank Justin for being here. He is a great fighter and he deserves everything that is happening to him. Thanks Justin for what you helped me out earlier. You’re a great person outside the cage. Get closer to your parents and enjoy them “, began by saying the undefeated champion.

At the same time, Khabib Nurmagomedov He gave an unexpected announcement, which was on everyone’s lips: “Today I want to say that this was my last fight. When my father passed away, I spoke to my mother and I didn’t want her to come fight without him. This is my father’s dream and I will not keep fighting. I can’t come here without him. We organize this to finish in the best way. He was my mentor and without him I can’t keep racing. My career ended here and I was the best ».

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