All ready! Santiago Ponzinibbio set a date on his return to the UFC: “Bad luck is over”

All ready!  Santiago Ponzinibbio set a date on his return to the UFC: "Bad luck is over"

Santiago Ponzinibbio, Argentine fighter from UFC, beat the coronavirus a long time ago and is ready to return. The South American was last in action in his native country, so he has been inactive for a long time. Whether due to injury or illness, the South American has not been able to return to the Octagon. That is why, now, he made it clear when he wants to get into the cage and challenges whoever is ahead.

“After my victory in Argentina they told me, ‘One more fight and you’re fighting for the world title. To think that I went from being close to a title shot to being in the hospital fighting for my life, and at one point they told me I would never fight because they thought the infection had reached my bone and destroyed everything, “was what What the Argentine started saying, who is with a 6-2 record in UFC.

At the same time, Santiago She also commented, “So after all these complications, I am hungrier than ever to go back to work. Thank God, after going through something like that, you put value on things. I’ll definitely be back in 2020. I don’t care who, ranked or unranked, I don’t care. I mean, obviously I’d rather get a top five or a main event. I think that because of the work I’ve done for the company, I deserve it. “

Want the title

“I have a lot of fights under the organization, so I feel like I deserve that opportunity. Also, the times I’ve been the main event, I’ve won by knockout, ‘Performance of the Night,’ against ranked opponents. In my last three fights, I have beaten ranked opponents. But yeah, I’ve been doing a good job in the division. Yes, I had a break with all the bad luck that I had this year and in 2019, as you know, I was in the hospital, “said the South American.

Trusting in his power, Santiago Ponzinibbio He closed by saying: “All that is over and now I am physically better than ever and with a hunger to enter the Octagon that I cannot express in words. With my return and winning a fight, everything will be redeemed. He would have an eight-fight winning streak and he would be there. It would automatically go back to the rankings and my name would go back to people’s minds. I would become a contender. That’s the goal, that’s why I want to fight this year and get a victory in 2020. Then, in 2021, get two more fights to get to the title ”.

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