Awesome! Alexandr Volkov’s gigantic tattoo: “It was very painful”

Awesome!  Alexandr Volkov's gigantic tattoo: "It was very painful"

This Saturday, at UFC 254, Alexandr Volkov he sported his new gigantic tattoo, which was very painful for him. The extraordinary fighter gave something to talk about and it was not only because of his great knockout, but because of the immense drawing he presented on his back. It should be noted that they did it in a very few days, which has rarely been seen due to the amount of ink and hours that something like this takes. Anyway, he laughed about it.

The Russian appeared in the stars of the last UFC event, which was on “the island of the fight.” There, he tore apart Walt harris with a kick to the liver, which left his rival without answers and then finished him on the ground. In this way, he is clearly a contender to get up to the title candidates. We will only have to wait to find out if Dana White thinks so, since he wants to challenge the champion and is not afraid of anyone.

His words

“We did it very quickly because I told the tattoo artist that I needed this very quickly, a week or two. And we did it in two weeks. It was really painful, it was very painful. He said, ‘Do you want to do this? Are you sure?’ And I said, ‘I’m sure. I have no time. I just need to go to camp for the first time. ‘ Then he said, ‘Okay, two weeks,’ ”the Russian Ultimate Fighting Championship fighter began.

At the same time, Alexander He also revealed: “Every day I would get a tattoo and it was very painful. First, for five days it was fine because it has been going all day. But the following week was really terrible. I was whining and whining, but I wanted to get this over with. I wanted to go to my next fight with a fully done tattoo. But it was a really difficult challenge in my life. I don’t want to do any more tattoos.

My mind, I don’t like anything that isn’t finished. I like that everything is finished. It’s bad for me to go to fights and not get a tattoo. I just wanted to finish everything and go to camp. So this says something about me and my mind. But yeah, it really hurt a lot. Anyway, that’s it, it’s over. Now it doesn’t hurt anymore and I just want to keep fighting », he closed Alexandr Volkov, making it clear what he suffered from his drawing on his back.

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