Bartomeu presents his resignation to the presidency of Barcelona

Bartomeu presents his resignation to the presidency of Barcelona

BARCELONA – The FC Barcelona board of directors, headed by Josep Maria Bartomeu, took the decision to resign, jointly, after the response of the Generalitat regarding the vote of no-confidence, contrary to their position and taking for granted that it could be carry out the referendum this weekend under the requirements demanded by the Procicat.

After six years and ten months in office (since January 2014 as a replacement for the resigned Sandro Rosell) and having added 12 titles with five coaches (Martino, Luis Enrique, Valverde, Setién and Koeman) Bartomeu threw in the towel unable to resist for a longer time the pressure to which he was subjected from all areas, with a motion of censure that ended up defeating him without having to go to the polls.

A day after the president, during a tense telematic press conference, assured his intention to stay in office because “there is no reason for a resignation”, the pressure from his boardmates and the fact that he was left without a way out from the A statement from the Generalitat made him change his opinion, considering that he had no other way out in case of not calling the vote of no confidence, this Tuesday was the last business day according to the club’s statutes, and that it could not be delayed any further midnight.

The decision, despite the public proclamations of Bartomeu in his appearance before the media on Monday, was already considered among the members of the board, who at their meeting agreed to take this step if, as confirmed, the opinion of the Generalitat it was contrary to their positions. The new meeting on Tuesday, which was not attended by all the members of the board in person, was just a meeting in which what was agreed the previous day was confirmed, being approved without any debate.

The resignation was argued in order to avoid putting the health of the members at risk with a vote in a state of health alarm and, understanding the social instability that the club suffers, calm the spirits. As of the official resignation of the board of directors, pushed by an increasingly generalized protest of the partners and the presentation of 20 thousand signatures against them, Barcelona will be left in the hands of a management board that, headed by Carles Tusquets, must call the elections to the presidency within a period of between 40 days and three months.

“He had no other way out and it is excellent news”, explained Marc Duch, spokesman for the promoters of the motion of censure and whose pressure was definitive in the last two months to force the resignation of the board of directors and rejecting that the health crisis the covid was the main reason for the fall of Bartomeu.

Director of the first board of Joan Laporta between 2003 and 2005, since 2010 he was sports vice president under the command of Sandro Rosell, who succeeded in the presidency on January 23, 2014 due to his resignation. A year later in January 2015 and in the midst of a sports and institutional crisis, Bartomeu called elections for the presidency for the summer, which he won conclusively, supported by the Triplet and remaining in office until now.

Once the elections were called, to which it could not be presented, for the month of March 2021, the coronavirus crisis was mixed with the sports and institutional crisis, with several controversies that stained the management with Barçagate in the foreground, causing that after 2-8 against Bayern Munich in Lisbon and pointing to a very serious economic situation, a group of partners presented a motion of censure against him …

And what, in principle, did not seem to worry the board excessively, ended up dragging him to a forced resignation, which Bartomeu resisted until the last moment. Finally there will be no referendum of the vote of no confidence, the motion took it ahead without reaching the vote.

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