Borussia Monchengladbach vs. Real Madrid – Game Report – October 27, 2020

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Borussia Monchengladbach vs.  Real Madrid - Game Report - October 27, 2020

(EFE) .- When Real Madrid received a new blow of reality in Europe this Tuesday against Borussia Mönchengladbach, losing by two goals as punishment for their defensive errors with the double of Marcus Thuram, the figure of Casemiro emerged as a savior.

The Brazilian put a cure to the lack of a Madrid goal with an assist to Benzema in the 87th minute and a saving goal in the 93rd that lifted Zidane’s team off the canvas.

There are no quiet Champions for Real Madrid. The forced reaction in Germany came halfway and with suffering. In the reunion with the high price that the errors and the lack of punch have. An exercise in powerlessness that corrected the breed and the fight until the last second for a competition that was difficult at the first turn.

The classic against Barcelona had a prize for those who won it. Zidane forgot about the rotations and the loaded calendar to reward a typical team. The stage for tests is not there and it was time to show that the Camp Nou was not a mirage as a result of motivation. The personality shown to rise from the first crisis of the season was exhibited in Germany, also the same defects when he overwhelms with possession and does not find the way to turn it into a goal. Real Madrid faced their two faces.

Owner of the game, he lowered from possession any threat of departure from Gladbach. Good defensive balance, with Lucas Vázquez as the only novelty on the right side due to the casualties, and assuming risks of taking the step forward in search of the goal. With Marco Asensio recovering his top speed and a Vinicius off as soon as he has had the desired continuity as a starter. Thus, long shots are always a good option to test the inspiration of the rival goalkeeper and Sommer responded well to the most dangerous of Kroos.

Up to eleven shots without a goal in a first act of Madridista disbelief. His only mistake cost him dearly when the meeting half hour passed. An error in the exit of Kroos, a bad clearance by Varane. Dislodged defense and a tense pass from Pléa behind Lucas Vázquez. Thuram appeared in the race to score a goal in Gladbach’s only shot at goal. The punishment was excessive but this is Europe and the eyes should be open after the crash of the premiere against Shakhtar.

Stunned by the blow and by the situation of a group that is complicated, Real Madrid turned off. Asensio, with little space, ran into Sommer and in the resumption he needed to find solutions to his lack of goal. And he tried, feeling everything against it because even the fortune factor turned its back on him. The crossbar told him not a new attempt from the reborn Asensio.

There was the difference. Madrid’s despair at his lack of success. Vinicius forgave with everything to score after a precise pass back from Fede Valverde and Thuram did not do it to sentence. Casemiro had saved the first scare after a poor pass from Kramer but defensive passivity reappeared when Pléa tested Courtois and the rejection sent him to the Thuram net to score a double. The Madrid faces lost the joy of the classic and returned to the impotence of Shakhtar.

Zidane resorted to a Hazard without rhythm and on his left foot he was getting back into the game after a great assist with Benzema’s tunnel. The Belgian who shot to the side of the net forgave, but Real Madrid did not stop in their attempts. Casemiro had saved in his area and took gold from a past Valverde center. He left the ball to Benzema to improve his poor goalscoring numbers of the course and give his last breath. It was when the Brazilian scored the goal that gives an extra life to a team forced to improve if it wants, at least, to reach the quarterfinals.

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