Controversial! Javier Méndez, very upset by the weigh-in of Khabib Nurmagomedov

Controversial!  Javier Méndez, very upset by the weigh-in of Khabib Nurmagomedov

Khabib Nurmagomedov It was a trend all weekend, after beating Justin Gaethje and retiring from MMA. He himself stayed with the image of the night at UFC 254, which surprised more than one around the world. The undefeated champion got a great 29-0 gave something to talk about before the fight. At the weigh-ins, he was close to not hitting the limit, which he explained very well Javier Mendez, although he did not hide his discomfort about it.

In this way, Javier He began by saying, “My mind was on the move, are you going to keep it together? Yes. Then I left, doubtful. So I’m going to say, yes, no, he’s on. So yeah, it’s on. In my mind, I was reeling. Am I going to get it the way I need it? I say yes, and then in the end, I felt very confident. As a coach, you notice your fighter’s antics and what they do and don’t do. But I understood why.

“I’m like, what the hell are people talking about? I was at the right point. There is no way something could go wrong. And then I saw the weigh-in and the guys that were doing the weighing, man, were those guys the speedy Gonzales? What the hell were they doing? That was very fast the way they did it. I myself would think that something happens, personally, “he added to his sayings, about the controversial weighing of Khabib.

Angry about the weigh-in

Of course the situation was upsetting for his team, so the coach said: “If you look at the weigh-in, which I did watch, Khabib grabbed both boys’ hands, got on the scale and as soon as he let go of their hands, the boys were already like. It’s like what the fuck? Why were they going so fast with the scale? I was in weight. I was on point. I really don’t understand what happened. He was fine and everything was as if he had not made the weight.

“They weigh you before going to the weigh-in; they weigh you just before leaving. So they make sure you’re on point, No. 1. No. 2, yeah Khabib he was having weight issues, why the heck would he be the first to know they would weigh him? I wouldn’t want to be the first out. He was the first to leave because he was gaining weight and wanted to get out of there and start eating. He always behaved as he should, “he closed Javier Mendez, supporting Nurmagomedov.

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