Controversy! The tremendous sticks between Ferrari and Sebastian Vettel: “Am I a complete idiot?”

Sebastian Vettel

The relationship between Sebastian Vettel and the Ferrari team it is totally broken. Since the end of the 2019 season, both parties have publicly demonstrated their differences to the press. As a consequence of this, the leaders of the Italian team made the decision to fire the German at the end of the season, so that Carlos Sainz take your place in the box.

At the Portuguese Grand Prix, Sebastian Vettel did not have a good race. As it usually happens, Charles Leclerc he’s having the best results for the team. This Sunday he was at the gates of the podium and reaped a large number of points. However, Vettel could only be tenth and add a single unit to the classifier.

After this result, Sebastian Vettel got tired and shot hard at Ferrari. The German assured that the performance and speed of his car is very different from that of Leclerc. Where do I waste time? I’ve been grinding my teeth all year. An idiot may never realize it, but am I a complete idiot? I doubt it. At some point you should get lucky. I never have it and if I get it, it is with great difficulty. In the other box it seems much easier »he shot.

Tenth place in Portugal, left Vettel with mixed feelings. «I am satisfied because I had the feeling of having had a good race. I had a hard time at the beginning, lost positions and almost lost the car two or three times. After that, I had a good run; but on the other hand, it is obvious that the other car is much faster, “he said.

Ferrari’s response

However, Mattia Binotto the head of the Ferrari team, quickly responded to Vettel’s words and left a very controversial phrase. “Seb and Charles’s cars are certainly identical. I hope Sebastian can get to the next round at Imola and show more of what he is capable of during the race. Charles is doing really well, but maybe you expect even more from a second driver, ”said Binotto.

With Ferrari, Vettel did not win titles. Source: Ferrari

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