Do they make way for you? Lauren Murphy asks to fight for the title: “I got tired of being ignored”

Do they make way for you?  Lauren Murphy asks to fight for the title: "I got tired of being ignored"

Lauren murphyThe 37-year-old American fighter is crying out for a title shot. This came to the company of Dana White, after being the Invicta FC Bantamweight Champion. Now, after what was a mammoth performance at UFC 254 this weekend in Abu Dhabi, the American wants to climb to the top. Knowing that he has very good surnames ahead of him, he just wants to succeed and big.

“I wanted to hit her a little harder, but everyone in the UFC is good. We are definitely going to remove some things that I can work on, which is perfect. I still got my first presentation, which was a great goal for us, a great challenge. But doing it here in Abu Dhabi is something really special. I am very very happy, “he began by saying, after killing Liliya Shakirova on Saturday on” the island of struggle. “

In turn, their spirits are through the roof. “It feels great. My confidence is probably the number one thing that I have improved. My shot is the second thing that I have improved the most. Just going through the process and staying calm has been huge. I got a lot of help. It takes a village to make a fighter. I use the best of the best in all aspects. I have the best sports psychologist, the best nutritionist, the best strength and conditioning, “he dictated.

Was upset

“I have the best hitting coaches, the best grappling coaches. Literally, I carefully chose a team to be around me that is the best of the best, and I think it’s showing. I want a title shot next. I want a chance for the champion, whoever he is. I yelled at the media to stop ignoring me. Stop ignoring me, “he said. Lauren, annoyed with UFC for not being able to fight for the belt.

Ending with his words, Lauren murphy He also asserted: “I am at number 5 right now. What is that? Hopefully everyone will stop ignoring me. Most of my career, I’ve been the loser. People have looked past me, and I think that will stop now. I have truly become an athlete. I am a veteran at this game. I have seen it all, I have done it all and I think that people will no longer look beyond me.

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