Eddie Hearn wants to return to boxing as UFC: one body and one champion

Eddie Hearn quiere volver al boxeo como UFC: un solo organismo y un solo campeón

Promoter Eddie hearn matches the comments of Floyd mayweather that there are too many championship belts in boxing, and you want boxing to be like the UFC, the mixed martial arts company, where there is a single promoter, an organism and a champion.

Eddie Hearn wants boxing to be like the UFC

“We want that, and that is given,” he said. Eddie Hearn in interview for Sky Sports, “If you see the model of the UFC, which we all envy, is a single promoter, and a single belt. That is what I want to achieve in boxing.

But on the other hand, the promoter also believes that the agencies’ world title belts are important.

“These organisms are embedded in history,” he explained. Hearn. “Those fighters whom these fighters see as heroes and inspiration, they saw them with the green and gold belts of the CMB. We cannot forget about that ”.

The franchise champion denomination was a terrible decision by the WBC

However, despite that respect that Hearn feel for him CMB, thinks that the organization made a mistake with the denomination of franchise champion.

“The situation of Franchise It was a terrible decision of the CMB, and I adore Mauricio Sulaiman“, He said Hearn, “But the problem is that they are the untouchables, and we cannot have so many barriers to greatness.”

Y Hearn He gives as an example the case of his fighter Devin Haney, who today is the regular champion of the CMB in light weight. Days before the fight between the franchise champion of the CMB in light weight, Vasiliy Lomachenko, Y Teofimo Lopez, Mauricio Sulaiman He said that the Ukrainian was his lightweight world champion and that the absolute championship of the four organisms would be at stake in the fight. With that comment, he seemed to completely minimize Devin Haney, your regular champion.

“In the case of Devin Haney, I asked him what he wanted to do ”, he explains Hearn. “And he replied that he wanted to fight with Vasiliy Lomachenko and win the world championship CMB. We spent a lot of time exploring that route, fighting qualifiers, until we finally reached one final tie to be the mandatory challenger for Vasiliy Lomachenko (then lightweight world champion CMB) “.

When the CMB I had to order the fight between Haney Y Lomachenko, the fight did not take place.

“(Haney) beat the Russian Abdullaev“, Explain Hearn. “We arrived at the convention of CMB to lobby for the mandatory mandate. So Top rank said no, that they do to Lomachenko franchise champion. And so, suddenly, they make him a franchise champion, and they give the regular belt to Devin Haney. Now you have the critics of Devin Haney saying they emailed him the championship. We didn’t want to be given the world championship as a gift. We wanted to fight the best pound for pound, that’s what he (Devin Haney) I wanted to do. Teofimo Lopez He did, so congratulations to him. “

Mandatory fights are necessary

For Eddie hearn Mandatory fights can be troublesome, but they are necessary.

“You old lions have to give young fighters a chance to try to achieve greatness,” he asks. Hearn. “We need competitive mandates, and I know that mandates can be a headache. Sometimes i wish Anthony Joshua I did not have a mandate, but it is part of maintaining your position as champion ”.

Franchise champion status gives a fighter the privilege of not having to do mandatory fights, and Eddie hearn think that’s unfair.

“That’s not right,” he said Hearn. “That’s not fair, and it doesn’t give other fighters a chance to achieve greatness.”

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