It surprised him! Khabib Nurmagomedov’s coach and a news that is viral

It surprised him!  Khabib Nurmagomedov's coach and a news that is viral

Of course Khabib Nurmagomedov it was a trend all weekend, after his submission to Justin Gaethje. He retired at UFC 254, which surprised more than one around the world. The undefeated champion was left with a great 29-0. Clearly an era is ending, one that was completely dominated by that of Dagestan. But that’s not all, since the coach, Javier Mendez, revealed an important fact.

«He played the best poker face on the planet. I didn’t want to make him sad, because I never got to talk to him about his father about how he was feeling, because it happened and I thought, that’s in the past, I’m not going to mention any of that. So this was all a total shock to me. I hear him say, ‘Oh man, dad’s plan, great.’ But mom’s plan works in the end, ”the current coach of the Russian champion began by explaining.

For its part, Javier He also reported: “This sport is not a longevity sport. It has come and gone. He will come out at the time he thinks is the right time for him and his family. Myself, I would have liked to see him go 30-0, as his father wished. But he loves his mother in his family so much that he decided, no, it’s okay. And financially, you are ready. Then he is not a greedy man.

He was also unaware

“If I had put up with one more fight, it would have been a monstrous payday. But obviously family means more to him than money. This is why people love him so much. This is why the Middle East has become so popular. It’s all due solely to Khabib. There are other factors, but he is the main reason, ”stressed the champion’s coach and undefeated Russian. Now, it is believed that he will maintain the withdrawal and will not go against his words.

To close, Javier Mendez revealed that he also did not know of Nurmagomedov: “There has never been someone who said something and didn’t mean it. For me, I have to say that part is done. Everything is possible. Both the fans and me as a coach would love to have him back, but no, I think it’s over. And you’re not going to get him to convince him otherwise. His decision surprised me even to me, I wasn’t even aware that it would be 29-0 ″.

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