Quimsa beat San Lorenzo and reached the final of the Basketball Champions League

Quimsa le ganó a San Lorenzo y accedió a la final de la Basquetbol Champions League

Quimsa of Santiago del Estero agreed to the final of the first edition of the Basketball Champions League America (BCLA), after defeating by 110-97 to San Lorenzo, in overtime, in what was the first Argentine club game since the pandemic.

At the Templo del Rock stadium of the Obras Basket club, with no public in the stands and with current health protocols due to the coronavirus pandemic, the Santiago team was left with the third and decisive match of the semifinal series that both teams had interrupted last March .

Quimsa looked better in added time and took the victory, after running at a disadvantage, for much of the match. The partials of the third match of the key were the following: Quimsa 18-26, 36-48, 65-70, 91-91 and 110-97.

With this victory, the team led by DT Sebastián González qualified for the defining instance, scheduled for a single game on Friday, in which he will face Flamengo from Brazil (He eliminated Instituto de Córdoba in the other semi), at the Antel Arena stadium in Montevideo.

Power forward Fabian Ramirez Barrios (8-14 in shots from the court) and the perimeter Franco Baralle (5-8 in triples), two of the incorporations that reached the ‘Fusion’ in this passing market, became the main figures of the winning quintet, with an income of 22 points each.

In Boedo’s team, meanwhile, the Santa Fe Jose Vildoza contributed 22 points (4-7 in triples) and 6 assists; While the Buenos Aires forward Máximo Fjellerup added 21 units (2-7 in doubles, 3-5 in triples, 8-12 in free) and 3 rebounds.

During the first half, the Barça team dominated the actions, being faithful to a style that he proclaimed with the previous DT (Néstor Che García) and that seems to want to repeat with the current one (Silvio Santander): running the court, quick transitions and outside shots to hurt from a distance.

In fact, in the first quarter, with an unstoppable Vildoza (3-4 in triples), San Lorenzo took a distance of 8 (26-18), with a singular efficiency in the shots of three points (54 percent; 6- eleven).

In the second period, Boedo’s team continued to exercise a slight dominance, with good contributions from foreigners who arrived in this market: Dominican Luis Montero (12 points, 11 rebounds) and American insider Jeff Adrien (11 points, 5- 5 in doubles).

Quimsa began to cut differences, little by little, in the third chapter, when Ramírez Barrios, Baralle and the Panamanian guard Trevor Gaskins (18 units) were connected, while San Lorenzo began to feel the physical rigor of the game.

And in the last segment, the course of the game definitely changed, with a triple by Baralle that generated equality at 75 (in the absence of 6m. 31s.). And then, a conversion from away by Ramírez Barrios (with 2m.24s on the clock) allowed Quimsa to go ahead 85-82.

In the final stretch it seemed that the cast of DT González was taking him, although the lack of precision in free practice (forward Brandon Robinson missed two in the last minute) allowed Montero, in the absence of a 6/10 second, to get the basket that led the match to overtime (91-91).

In the five minutes of extra time, Quimsa showed a better collective physiognomy and left no doubts: he took advantage of a confused San Lorenzo and celebrated the victory that deposited him in the final on Friday.

Source: Télam

Photo: @BCLAmericas

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