Ameal: “Do you know who I want to play in Boca? Riquelme”

Ameal: "Do you know who I want to play in Boca? Riquelme"

Jorge Amor Ameal admitted that he usually insists Juan Román Riquelme to become a Boca Juniors player again. “If they talk about Verón in Estudiantes, how can we not talk about Roman in Boca? He is 42 and whole. Hopefully I can play a game for the points “, said the top leader of the Xeneize.

In addition, Ameal spoke of the controversy over some transfers from the previous management, the chance that River would be local in his training facility and the possible return of Clemente Rodríguez, in a talk with Radio La Red.

The most outstanding phrases of Jorge Amor Ameal:

“Hopefully with this talk we can explain what the reality of all this is. All of these are contracts and they must be brought to justice. We are willing that this never happen again.”

“They will have the right to say what they want, I am not going to get into an argument with them. When they talk about politics, they should look inside, not outside. I don’t know where the posters come from. The things that are not signed are not serious. . Maybe they will tell us who did it. But that’s not serious. “

“We do not talk about all this, each institution has to resolve its issues. If it is decided tomorrow that River plays in Ezeiza, it will play. And if tomorrow due to an economic result we have to go to Ezeiza, we also have the fields in good condition.”

“I just broke up with Rodolfo. We have an idea of ​​a championship with 20 teams, back and forth and relegation. We have an excellent relationship and we are going the same way. Then we want to beat him.”

“Clemente is a barbarian boy. I have affection. If the coach sees fit and the Council … Do you know who I would like to play? Roman. I tell him permanently. I always tell him that he has to play. I see him and I tell him How good you are, you are here to play. We would need about seven or eight Bomboneras if I came back. “

“Did you ever see him play badly? If they talk about Verón in Estudiantes, how can we not talk about Román in Boca. He is 42 years old and whole. I hope he can play a game for the points. I told him when we do the game farewell, one in each province “.

“I trust a lot, a lot in the squad and the coach. Do not forget that with Roman and the Council we saw the championship very far away and today Boca is the last champion. They said that you had to bring a nine and Carlitos is nine. All the players empowered “.

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