Armani: “Madrid is going to stay for life”

Armani: "Madrid is going to stay for life"

Franco Armani went back to reviewing the remembered ending with Mouth in Madrid, in which River Plate won the CONMEBOL Libertadores, and reviewed the news of Marcelo Gallardo’s team.

The archer commented on Continental Radio what want to retire in Atlético Nacional, but that he is comfortable in the Millionaire and that he does not know what will happen when his contract ends.

The most outstanding phrases of Franco Armani in Closs Continental:

“I watch the final in Madrid many times. You turn on the TV and there is always the game. Along with the save to Benedetto, they are indelible memories. They are things that will remain for life.”

This team wants to keep winning things, and not settle. The technician never lets you relax. It’s very difficult to think about the day after and a River without Gallardo. “

River is a club to stay for a lifetime. Some who left already want to return. He gave me everything and allowed me to play for the National Team“.

“In South America it is very difficult to get a Libertadores, especially if you beat your classic rival. It was my first year at the club. Living what I experienced will always remain in my memory.”

“I have expressed it a lot of times, my wish is to retire at Atlético Nacional, but football takes many turns and I don’t know if tomorrow I will have that possibility. In football anything can happen.”

River Camp is fit to play there, the court is spectacular. They are preparing everything, the cabin arrived today. If River presented everything as it did, I don’t think #AFA will have a problem enabling it. “

All the #Libertadores teams have a very great power. We know the potential of Athletico Paranaense and the Brazilian teams play fast court. You don’t have to think about how they are now. “

“With the new balls, there are times when they give to go out in the centers, other times not. I try to go out. If I am not decided I will stay. It also depends on the player.”

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