Former Argentine world champion passed away


Former Argentine world champion Michelangelo Castellini He died of coronavirus, at the age of 73.

After two weeks hospitalized at the Fernández Hospital, due to the pneumonia that affected him after testing positive for Covid-19, Castellini threw the towel.

His boxing career

The leased trajectory of Michelangelo Castellini it ran from 1965 to 1980, with 78 wins (51 KOs), eight losses, and 12 draws.

By 1976, Castellini traveled to Spain, to have his World Cup chance against Jose Duran, in the Palace of Sports.

Chloroform he had the initiative of the combat, as the logic indicates from his position of challenger. Duran he danced around him for the first 6 minutes of combat.

In the third round, the Argentine landed a left-handed cross over the jaw of his rival, and the break of the duel occurred, along with the first fall.

A lot of blood dripped a lot of blood from the pampeano’s left eyebrow, but he was able to tolerate the fifth round, with the awakening of the Spaniard.

At the end of the lawsuit, Miguel Castellini was consecrated as the new owner of the World Boxing Council, in super welterweight.

The fall of his reign

Short but important, concise but significant, the monarchy of Michelangelo Castellini came to an end in his first defense.

Eddie gazo seemed like a simple opponent for Castellini, but the trip to Nicaragua when Anastasio Somoza ruled, was insufferable.

The devastating crisis accentuated by an earthquake, the civil war and the distribution of arms like candy, were the framework for the Argentine to put his belt at stake in Managua.

“It was very sad to know that country,” said the former boxer in 2016, for a video of Not So Different Radio. “A person got up in the fourth round, and told me that if Gazo didn’t kill me, he would kill me. He shot into the air several times, and that’s when the fight ended.

“I had to go to a professional to tell me what was wrong with me. Those shots, mentally, they hurt me. The doctor told me that I did not register that I fought in a ring ”, explained the man born in 1926.

Chloroform He fell by unanimous decision to the Nicaraguan, but had his revenge in 1980, when he knocked him out and successfully retired at Luna Park.

His musical works.

Back in 1969, Carlos Estrada the undefeated broke Michelangelo Castellini, in addition to his nasal septum.

Both fractures prompted Castellini hung up the gloves, in what appeared to be his final retirement.

To survive, the native of Santa Rosa He dedicated time to music, another of his great passions.

Work as Disc jockey, and he realized that music made his life happy, but his vocation as a boxer pushed him back.

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