He regret? Sebastian Vettel backed down with his statements

Sebastian Vettel

In the last hours explosives had been known statements of Sebastian Vettel, in which he accused a plot against him by the team Ferrari. The performance of the German, compared to that of his partner, Charles Leclerc, is very inferior and according to his words, his car is much slower than the other. On the other hand, Mattia Binotto he had tried to ‘Second Pilot’ to Vettel.

After this headache for the leaders of the Italian team, Sebastian Vettel put cold cloths on a situation that no longer has a point of agreement. Since the beginning of the season the relationship between the German and Ferrari has been broken. In addition, both the driver and the team publicly share their differences and do nothing to hide them.

After Binotto’s statements, Vettel assured that he will trust the team and the equality between the cars, although clearly they are not equal on the track. Well, I think I have to think we have the same car. I trust the people around me and in the garage. I have one thing that obviously tells me the stopwatch and the lap times and the other is my sensations, ”said Vettel.

The sensations

In addition, the German gave details of which are the sensations of the car that he emphasizes so much. “I have a hard time putting together the good laps, being consistent and feeling the grip that maybe Charles can feel, so I’m working on it. But only work will get me out of this situation, “said the Ferrari driver who is in his last season with the team.

Finally, Vettel confirmed that the next races will be key to future performance of the car. “I think that together with the team that surrounds me, I will try to do my best and hope that we will be in a slightly better place next week. On Sunday we suffer because we are always in the peloton, and the races are very difficult from there and very different, so it is probably not always the best way to compare, “he said.

With Ferrari, Vettel did not win titles. Source: Ferrari

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