Juventus vs. Barcelona – Match Report – October 28, 2020

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Juventus vs.  Barcelona - Match Report - October 28, 2020

TURIN – (Jordi Blanco, correspondent in Barcelona) – Barça has three out of three in Europe. After the disappointment of the El Clásico, the Barça team, dressed in pink, gave a blow of effect in Turin beating Juventus 2-0 in a match that they dominated with solvency, from start to finish and in which, what are the things , That same VAR that he complained so much about on Saturday confirmed him, pointing to a Morata who had three goals annulled, something not remembered in Europe.

Fortunately, Dembélé scored a great goal before reaching the break and sentenced Messi with a penalty in the last gasp, caused by Ansu Fati and signifying the third goal of the Argentine season, always from eleven meters and clearly celebrated.

Juventus stayed alive until the last moments because Barça did not translate their dominance into goals. He had them at his disposal from the start, in a revolutionized entry into the game that led to a triple time in just two minutes, with Griezmann’s shot to the post included.

And it is that the 0-2 could well have been a win, not a scandal, but an obvious one because from Griezmann’s stick and even Ansu’s erroneous assistance to Braithwaite, Koeman’s team enjoyed at least four clear occasions to achieve a lot of results. wider.

The Catalan team was well positioned, wide open on the wings with Dembélé and Pedri, led by Messi and with Griezmann at the top, unfortunate in the shot but agile in the combination, moving the ball quickly and patiently to the point that the players of the Juve could barely keep their gaze on.

Pirlo has, you can tell, a clear idea of ​​the game but it is difficult for his team to put it into practice, that when he does not have possession he loses to rivals of the consideration of this Barça, who knew how to measure the times of the game with an enormous interpretation, a sensational concentration and a game that without being spectacular was effective.

Barça needed to boost their confidence and they went to do it in a suitable setting. Where not so long ago he was crushed 3-0, he regained his self-esteem with a solvent, deserved and brilliant victory, dominating Juventus at pleasure to add his second consecutive victory in Europe and welcoming the new era of the club with a night that invites confidence.

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