Pablo Matera: “We want to adapt quickly to the rest of the delegation”

Pablo Matera: "We want to adapt quickly to the rest of the delegation"

With a friendly confirmed for Friday, The Pumas face their last training session prior to the match against “Rugby Australia Selection”, which will mean the first appearance on the court of those led by Mario Ledesma, after the clash against the United States in the World Cup in Japan, in October 2019. Even without the men who come from European rugby, but with 30 players available, the Argentine team He will be able to add minutes of play against the local union team, which will have several players from Waratahs. It will be at 3:00 p.m. (01:00 AM Argentine time), at the TG Millner Sportsground, in the town of Marsfield.

From the Norwest Sydney bubble, the captain of the National Team, Pablo Matera, He shared his feelings after serving a week in Australia and hoping to meet again with the rest of the delegation on Tuesday, November 3:

“Very happy to be here in Sydney, to be able to train with part of the team and start thinking only about Los Pumas and the games that lie ahead. Training a lot to be able to join with the rest of the team. And that you really don’t notice any difference in terms of the system and in terms of what we want to do with Los Pumas. That we can adapt very quickly to the rest of the delegation that has been working for a little longer than we have together. Putting the focus on each day and taking advantage of every opportunity we have to go out onto the field to train ”.

On the possibility of playing the Personal Three Nations without South Africa
“It is an atypical Tri Nations, but it is also an atypical year for everyone. It is no different for us because our focus is on the opportunity that lies ahead. In the joy that it gives us to be with Los Pumas, the place where we all want to be. Enjoying every moment and being aware that we are privileged to be here and to be able to do what we like the most and be where we want. Despite the atypical year, we are very happy to be here ”.

On the reunion with the rest of the team
“I am looking forward to meeting the boys again, there are many who have not seen us since October of last year. We miss each other a lot and we want to see each other again, to train together again. Not to mention putting on the Los Pumas shirt, which is the most beautiful thing for everyone ”.

On working with the defense and the lineout
“We have been working very well with Mario (Ledesma) and Corcho (Fernández Lobbe). Defense is getting a very big focus. They are working a lot on the defensive aspect and I think it will be a strong point for this team. Also in the lineout, both with Cork and with the leaders, working hard. Having the opportunity to have more time to work this formation more since in a match week we have less time and the training sessions are limited. But the focus was mainly on defense ”.

On the goals and horizon of France 2023
“Of course you are thinking of France 2023, it seems that it is very far but it is not like that. There are two years left to stand at the door of the World Cup year. The first year is gone. It’s two years to prepare as best we can and take advantage of every moment of being together. Obviously you think, it is the main objective, but it is a long way to go, we must keep our feet on the ground and think about what we have in front of us. How to make the most of every opportunity we have to prepare for a match. “

Source: UAR press.

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