Tony Ferguson assures that Khabib will not retire: «Here I wait for you piece of …»

Tony Ferguson assures that Khabib will not retire: «Here I wait for you piece of ...»

The withdrawal of Khabib Nurmagomedov still giving something to talk about, so now Tony ferguson challenges him for a rematch. The American does not believe in his retirement and claims that the Russian will soon return to the cage, so he will be fully ready to liquidate him. Taking into account that everything seems to indicate that he will not step on a cage again, the former champion remains firm in his position and continues to insult him to try to intimidate him.

“I just deserve the opportunity to fight, that’s what I deserve. “He deserves the opportunity to fight. Fuck it, I have to be fighting for the title. I need to fight. I need to fight someone like, I don’t know, whoever. Put your butt there. It does not belong to the top five. Get out of here. I am ready for whoever comes. I have everything to prove that I am the best. Do not hesitate, give me whoever you want, “he began explaining.

Adding to the above, Tony He also stressed: “I’m ready for a belt. So I said I was going to release a little more media. I haven’t because I haven’t had a reason before. Even because he didn’t want to scare Khabib. But even without fighting that bitch, I made him retreat. So like I said, accessories for you, ride into the sunset with your fucking hat. When you get back, I’ll put my goddamn baseball cap against your cap and we’ll have a nice cultured exchange.

“So like I said, he can ride into the sunset, he can do his thing, but I’m not going to change because someone else is gone. I have to go my way. He is a piece of shit. I support him for completing his mission for his pops and all that, but my family would want me to continue in my dream and all my things and making sure to keep my word against other opponents, “he closed Tony ferguson, who is excited about having revenge against Nurmagomedov.

Khabib’s last words

“Of course, UFC President Dana (White) wants me to continue fighting and generating income. I can earn money myself. I am at the peak of my career and I can fight for big prizes, but I made this decision and I think it is the best moment. Not everyone can retire at their best, but I know that in a year, two or five (years) I would have to face that decision again, “said the Dagestani hours ago.

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