Gersson Rosas, hopeful for the Timberwolves in the NBA Draft

Gersson Rosas, esperanzado por los Timberwolves en el NBA Draft

Minnesota Timberwolves President of Operations, Gersson Roses, spoke with the press in the framework of an event prior to Jr NBA Week and was hopeful about his team’s chances in the next Draft: “It is a good year to have the first selection“.

If you’re going to have the first draft pick, it’s a good year to have six or seven months to prepare“The Colombian began by explaining, referring to the effect of the pandemic on the dates of the NBA calendar. In any case, just as he highlighted the preparation time on that side, he also regretted other difficulties:”We lack opportunities and experiences that we have in normal years, in which we can visit the players in their cities“.

Beyond that, the truth is that Minnesota has three draft picks (1st, 17th and 33rd), so the franchise is at a key moment to inject the most talented squad: “For the team it is an opportunity to add more young talent and follow the development project so that it moves forward“.

Although by NBA regulations, Rosas is prevented from commenting on players who will participate in the Draft or even the Free Agency, the native of Bogotá did refer to both moments as keys in the project from the Timberwolves: “For us, it is a very big focus. We are always looking for the best players, wherever they are: in the NBA, in Europe, in Latin America or wherever. We are motivated and focused on finding the best players, waiting to see how and when this process begins“.


As part of the event organized by the NBA that will connect young players and coaches from all over Latin America with references from the American league, the Colombian was invited as one of the main spokesmen and was very satisfied with the role that the event plays.

It is the beginning of a philosophy of play. It is very important for us to have the opportunity to introduce young boys and girls to the game and that they understand the fundamentals to be able to grow in their game and in their careers. The younger they can start, the better opportunities they have not just in their careers, but in their lives“, he expressed.

Rosas, 42, will be part of Coaches Week, which will focus on providing leadership tools and player training to attendees and will take place between November 2 and 6. There, your dissertation will emphasize building leadership: “All opportunities to help develop leaders are important. We know that there are leaders who are special, who have things that others do not have and that cannot be taught. But you can always be better at what you do and that’s what the NBA Jr, the Academies, Basketball without Borders, among others, are for. Not only to evaluate players, but also to identify and develop those individuals who seek these opportunities.“.

In addition to Coaches Week, there will also be a Players Week, which will take place between November 9-13. Those players and coaches who are interested in participating must register now by downloading the application OWQLO at Also, to consult for more information, it is available at

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