Is history changed? Anderson Silva revealed a giant post-UFC Vegas 12 data

Is history changed?  Anderson Silva revealed a giant post-UFC Vegas 12 data

Anderson Silva will see action again this Saturday, when he faces Uriah Hall in what will be the UFC Vegas 12. The Brazilian, who is a legend of the leading Mixed Martial Arts company, had highlighted days ago that this is probably his last battle in the cage. Now, in an interview he had a few hours ago, he seems to have changed history and excites his fans. Not retiring? Only he will know and release it after the weekend.

‘Everybody is asking this, and the answer will always be the same. It may be the last, it may not be. Maybe it’s the last fight in the UFC, yeah, according to me and Dana. We’ll see. Maybe I’ll do the other fight that I have on my contract, maybe not. Anything can happen. After the fight, we will probably see what we will do, continue fighting or not, but my desire is to continue, for sure, ”the South American began.

Adding to his sayings, Anderson He did not finish making it clear if there is something else for him after this Saturday. But let’s wait. Uriah is the focus now, and after that we will look at the next steps, talk to Dana, see what is feasible and what is not. It’s the right way to market the card as my retirement fight, because it could be my last fight in the UFC, but we’ll see. Let’s wait and see what happens, “he said.

The fans would appreciate it

«The fight with Uriah it’s my focus, and then we’ll see if we really want to stop, if we continue, if we leave the UFC or not. All of that, we’ll find out after the fight. I will be able to respond to you and other journalists. This is probably my last fight in the UFC, probably. But let’s see. This is the last fight I have right now, but something will probably change. Let’s see the result. I’m very focused right now on this fight, and then let’s see the future, ”explained the former UFC champion.

“Yeah, I have two fights left, but fight is fight and maybe something will change, but this is the last fight in the UFC, probably. It’s hard to talk about whether this is the last one or not. But in the UFC, this is probably the last. I have my contract, I signed it and I do the best I can. Why? Because people can’t stop my work. That makes no sense. If this is not the last fight in the UFC, then it is fine, “he concluded. Anderson Silva.

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