“There will be no war with Chisora, I bring La Paz”: Usyk’s follies in the previous conference


Oleksandr Usyk acted with the madness that characterizes him, in the press conference prior to his duel with Dereck Chisora.

“There will be no war with Chisora“, He said Usyk to the participating media. “This will be pure boxing.”

“My team put me math equations during the week, I didn’t finish one of them and I thought it was the perfect time to do it,” he joked. Usyk with a notebook and a pen, while his rival spoke of the violence of the coming combat.

“He will definitely want to hurt me, but I will not stand in front of him to let me do that,” said the one from Kiev.

As for the curious attitudes of the Ukrainian, his opponent was calm and even complicit in some of them.

“I have no idea (what it does). It doesn’t bother me, it doesn’t baffle me. It is a fight, we are in a fight ”, declared the Briton. “I’ll bring everything I have, it will be a shooting”

“People say that I have the golden keys at the gates of heaven,” said the Zimbabwean, with a clarification for his rival: “You will not pass!”

Chisora’s claims

During the journalistic round, Dereck Chisora He left a more than clear request to Eddie hearn, your promoter.

“Eddie, all I ask of you is a fair referee and judges,” he demanded. Chisora in a humorous tone. “I understand that Oleksandr It’s your boy, you sold your soul to Ukraine, and you forgot about Britain, but it’s okay. I have to prove myself again. “

Usyk among the heavy

Known to Oleksandr Usyk for being an Olympic medalist and an undisputed world cruiser champion, in addition to his eccentricities.

Usyk He appears to have the qualities to be at full weight, and he proved it in his only 200-pound presentation.

“Ask Tony bellew“, He replied when asked if his strength serves beyond 90 kilograms. “It makes me very happy that everyone thinks that I have no blows, and that it is easy to beat me.”

The strangest discussion

About the end of the event, Oleksandr Usyk Y Dereck Chisora they debated which animal is the king of the jungle, amazing!

“The elephant is a friend of the mouse!” Usyk after Chisora he insisted that the pachyderm is the true jungle monarch.

When they finished, they both laughed and merged into a hug, still wearing their masks.

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