“It’s the goal”: Alain Prost’s audacious plan for Fernando Alonso in 2021

Fernando Alonso

The return of Fernando Alonso to Formula 1 In the season 2021 it is generating many expectations. The Spaniard knows that he will have a much more competitive car than in recent years and will aspire to obtain the best results. That is why Alain Prost, team member Renault (Alpine, as it will be called next year), sees a future full of successes with Spanish.

The former Formula 1 driver believes that next year’s car will not be the best on the grid, considering the regulations, but that it will be ‘acceptable’. Alonso returns to Formula 1 after two years of ‘retirement’, in which he ventured into different categories such as IndyCar, Dakar or Resistance. However, the love for the highest category was stronger and decided to be again.

Prost assured that next year they will not obtain victories, and that they wait for 2022 to arrive with better aspirations. «I am realistic, I will never say stupid things about when we are going to win with Fernando because it is not known. The most important thing is what we do today, we show an upward trend and we have built the foundation for the team. We are at one level and we want to reach another. We don’t know when, but the most important thing is to achieve it.

In addition, the French added about the team’s budget problems. “We cannot estimate where we will be in 2022 because of the new rules. We operate below Sauber, Toro Rosso (AlphaTauri) or Mclaren in the past. We do not have a large budget and from next year we will be at the same level, “he said.

Alonso’s goal

Finally, the eternal rival of Ayrton senna He commented that next year, Alonso can get on some podiums, although he insists that it is very difficult to win. “It is not impossible. We are not going to win the World Cup in 2021, we are still a long way from that, but we can have a good position in the Manufacturers’ World Cup and some podiums, “said Prost.

Alain Prost is a member of the Renault team. Source: Renault F1 Team

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