Pusineri: “I’m satisfied, we had to win after seven months”

Pusineri: "I'm satisfied, we had to win after seven months"

Lucas Pusineri highlighted the dedication of Independiente players and understanding of the message in order to achieve the 1-0 victory against Atlético Tucumán for the CONMEBOL South American. “I’m satisfied, you had to win after seven months,” he stressed.

The coach of Red analyzed the triumph of his team against the Tucuman team and pointed out that “what we proposed we did perfectlyWe would have liked to have more precision because we had the circumstances to be able to harm the rival, but in general terms we had to win and it was achieved and I am left with that ”.

On the other hand, he was consulted about the work of the reinforcements Sebastián Sosa, Federico Martínez and Lucas Rodríguez, who arrived during this long stop and stressed that “it is a positive evaluation, they have been with a very good attitude, the case of Sebastián, the case of Federico and the case of Lucas. They have pulled it off and I trust them. The truth is that it is positive. Hopefully the upcoming performances are in line with what we saw today and improve as well ”.

He also referred to the opportunities wasted in the last quarter of the court and indicated that “I am not worried about precision, but it is something to improve. It must be borne in mind that they have not competed for 7 and a half months, and on their part we also saw some inaccuracies such as a lack of competition, that is why I see it as something normal that can be corrected and to continue advancing in this challenge ”.

Finally, he highlighted the good work of the youthful Alan Velasco: “Alan’s characteristics are those of an unpredictable player who can play both on the outside and on the inside, the truth is that very well, he has a freshness, he gives oxygen to the midfielders, it is very dizzying when it comes to being able to face hand-to-hand and that makes him an important player for us who in the future will give us a lot of joy ”.

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On the other hand, the Atlético Tucumán coach also highlighted the dedication of his team despite the defeat against Independiente in Avellaneda. Next, the most outstanding phrases of the DT Dean:

“I leave with a weird average feeling, it seems to me that the team moderately despite the difficulties to present a team this day, the team offered themselves, left everything we always asked of them, to give their best, which I think they did. ”.

“I get the impression that it could have been a minimum tie. I have doubts about the penalty, it seems to me that it was not, and I have doubts about another penalty that hit him in the hand, but they are things that you cannot see well from where you are ”.

“We had many inconveniences in this type of work that we have done in these months. Many teams that we have assembled and had to disarm, injured players. We have not incorporated practically anything, except Mussis, between 8 and 9 important players left, including the scorer Leandro Díaz ”.

“You always expect to play better than the last game, obviously today we came with an idea that we fulfilled in the first half of putting pressure on Independiente, trying not to let him play, to generate goal situations, but we always have an idea of ​​the game that from visitor to home we try not to change, obviously it is the idea we have had, so hopefully we can play a better home game ”.

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