The Pumas turned it around and beat Rugby Australia Selection 19-15 in their first game of the year

The Pumas turned it around and beat Rugby Australia Selection 19-15 in their first game of the year

After the duel that was scheduled for the last Saturday was postponed in preparation for the Three nations product of different annoyances of different players that worried Mario Ledesma and his staffThe Pumas played their first game of the year at dawn this Friday, and they did so with a victory.

At TG Millner Sportsground from Sydney, and without the delegation from Europe, those led by Mario Ledesma beat the team called Rugby Australia Selection 19-15 in a game in which they started losing 10-0.

The duel had started very favorable for the Argentines, who during the first minutes of the match had territorial dominance and control of the ball. What’s more: at the start of the match, and with a lot of patience, they came very close to violating the opponent on several different occasions: the opening Domingo Miotti appealed to the cross kick twice but failed to connect with Emiliano Boffelli. They were also close through the line and maul.

However, the Australian cast was going to be very effective and was going to support in the only two moments of the first half in which it generated danger: first, at 27 ‘, through the center Len Ikitau, while 10 ‘later, using the wing Tom wright.

But in addition, and little by little, the national team was going to begin to reverse the situation. At 13 ‘, the first to reach the try was going to be the young third line Joquín Oviedo, who in his debut with the Los Pumas jersey, defined pure power. 8 minutes later it would be the turn to support for the fullback Santiago Carreras, who crowned in the flag an excellent collective maneuver of his team to pure pass.

Until Sydney’s evening gem would arrive. Carreras himself began to dodge rivals with sheer skill and change of pace and, after a great play in which the ball was constantly kept alive, it was the third row Francisco Gorrissen, the other rookie who supported, who was going to score the third try for Ledesma’s men.

Despite a new conquest by the Australians at the end of the match, the Argentine national team managed to maintain the advantage until 80 minutes, in order to celebrate a triumph in what was their first game of the year, facing what will be the debut for the Three Nations on November 14 against the All Blacks.

The Pumas: 1- Mayco Vivas, 2- Julián Montoya, 3- Juan Pablo Zeiss; 4- Rodrigo Fernández Criado, 5- Lucas Paulos; 6- Francisco Gorrissen, 7- Santiago Grondona, 8- Rodrigo Bruni; 9- Tomás Cubelli (captain), 10- Domingo Miotti; 11- Emiliano Boffelli, 12- Juan Cruz Mallía, 13- Santiago Chocobares, 14- Bautista Delguy; 15- Santiago Carreras.

Substitutes: Santiago Socino, Nahuel Tetaz Chaparro, Santiago Medrano, Ignacio Calas, José Luis González, Gonzalo Bertranou, Tomás Albornóz, Sebastián Cancelliere, Federico Wergzyn, Joaquín Oviedo, Lucio Cinti, Jerónimo de la Fuente, Tomás Lezana, Felipe Ezcurra and Lucio Sordoni.

AUSTRALIA XV: Angus Bell, Folau Fainga’a and Jermaine Ainsley; Cadeyrn Neville and Trevor Hosea; Lachie Swinton, Liam Wright and Isi Naisarani; Jake Gordon and Will Harrison; James Ramm, Tepai Moeroa, Len Ikitau, and Tom Wright; Jack Maddocks.

Coach: Dave Rennie

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