“We are not women”: Tyson and Roy Jones claim because they will fight two-minute rounds

No somos mujeres: Tyson y Roy Jones reclaman porque pelearán rounds de dos minutos

Mike tyson Y Roy jones jr They expressed their disgust that they were forced to make their exhibition fight on November 28 with two-minute rounds.

“I’m sure they had their reasons, but women fight for two minutes,” he said. Mike tyson at a virtual press conference to promote the fight. “This is bigger than me. It’s not all about me, so who am I to speak of. I’m just happy that we can do it. “

Roy Jones was more upset than Tyson for the decision to have two minute rounds.

“I’m not happy at all, that’s for women,” he said. Jones. Why would I want two minute rounds? We are not women; we are two of the best in history ”.

Jones He said reducing the rounds to two minutes only undermines the promotion of the fight.

“Why reduce (the rounds) to two minutes,” he said Jones. “It doesn’t help anything for him or for me. And it fools fans who are excited. It was advantageous for everyone to keep them in three minutes ”.

The fight will be eight rounds, with two-minute rounds, no mask and 12-ounce gloves. The fight will be supervised by the California Athletic Commission, and there will be scores that will be carried with the remote program of the CMB, where the judges will be a panel of three champions. A special belt from the CMB called “Frontline Championship Belt”.

Both fighters assure that the fight will be real and not acted.

“I don’t know what they mean when they say it’s not a real fight,” he said. Tyson. “You have a Mike tyson already Roy jones jr, and I’ll go up to fight. I hope he also comes to fight ”.

Tyson He also ensures that he has prepared for the fight giving it all the importance of a real fight.

“I am reviewing videos of Roy from when he was at his best, because that’s what I anticipate fighting against, “he explained. Tyson. “I’m fighting younger, hungrier guys, and they assure me I’m doing fine.”

Roy Jones agrees that the fight is serious.

“The last person who made an exhibition with Mike they knocked him down in the first round, “he said Jones. “Who thinks that when he gets into a ring it is for an exhibition?”

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