What happened to Maradona’s life at each turn of the decade?

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What happened to Maradona's life at each turn of the decade?

Diego Armando Maradona turns 60 And this change of decade finds him with his return to Argentine football Gimnasia y Esgrima La Plata, but: what was the Ten up to every time it had to reach a round number?

A review of the time that the Pibe de Oro lived at the time of reaching 10, 20, 30, 40 and 50 years of age.

Pelusa was born on October 30, 1960, at the Evita Polyclinic in the city of Lanús. Is son of Mrs. Tota (Dalma Franco) and Chitoro (Diego Maradona). “I grew up in a private neighborhood … deprived of electricity, water, telephone,” said Diez on more than one occasion about Fiorito, the neighborhood where he spent his entire childhood and early adolescence. The 10-year-olds found him playing soccer at Argentinos Juniors, where he arrived thanks to Goyo Carrizo, who told the trainer Francis Cornejo: “Professor, I have a friend who is better than me, can I bring him next week?”

After Don Diego’s authorization, little Maradona tried himself at Parque Sarmiento and dazzled everyone. “Are you sure you’re ’60 class? Cornejo asked him, who couldn’t believe his age. Once installed in El Bicho, he was part of a historic youth team called” Los Cebollitas “, who were undefeated in 138 games. epoch is also the unforgettable video in which he expresses: “My dreams are two. My first dream is to play the World Cup and the second is to be eighth champion.”

At 20, Pelusa was already known to everyone. He came from his first great professional frustration, when César Menotti decided not to summon him to be part of Argentina 78. However, a year later he had a nice revenge to give the first U-20 World Cup to Albiceleste in Tokyo. There he shone with Ramón Diaz and was elected Ballon d’Or of the tournament. What would come in the short term, after serving two decades, would be nothing more and nothing less than Boca Juniors.

From ’80 to ’90 he became the greatest figure in football and one of the most famous people in the world, with all that that implies. His performance in Mexico left him in the history of this sport and just before turning 30 he almost became two-time champion in Italy, where he came from giving his best concerts with the Napoli shirt. A controversial final against Germany left him at the gates of his second Cup, but anyway that team was received by a crowd at the Casa Rosada.

A year earlier, at 29, he had formalized his long engagement with Claudia Villafañe with an unparalleled wedding held at Luna Park in Buenos Aires, with 1,200 guests, for whom he rented a private plane, since many arrived from Europe. Faced with criticism for the celebration, Diego made his own before the microphones: “And yes, I’m a black head. I never denied my origins … It hurts them that I had a party like this ”.

At 40 his life was different. He had retired from the professional activity three years ago, had been seriously hospitalized in Punta del Este, due to hypertension derived from his addiction.

Diego fought for his life in Uruguay and then made the decision to move to Cuba to face his recovery at the Las Praderas clinic. There he forged his friendship with Fidel Castro, whom he tattooed months later. In 2001 his farewell would arrive in La Bombonera, where he was accompanied by great football figures.

At the age of 50, his reality had completely changed once again. He was the grandfather of “Benja”, son of Gianinna and Kun Agüero, and had just led the Argentine National Team in South Africa 2010, the World Cup to which he was agonizingly qualified with the remembered goal by Martín Palermo against Peru. At the World Cup, they won the first four games and were eliminated after a tough 4-0 defeat to Germany in the quarterfinals. His departure from Albiceleste was with another of his unforgettable phrases: “Grondona lied to me and Bilardo betrayed me.”

The 60s find him touring the soccer fields that formed him. Pelusa received tributes in each of the stadiums that he visited with his Gimnasia de La Plata, about who said before the first exit rumor: “Del Lobo and Estancia Chica are going to have to take me out of the gendarmerie.”

Nothing follows the logic of an average person in Diego’s life and it is impossible to guess what the new decade that begins for him will be like, but the only thing that can be glimpsed is that it will be intense, like every step on the path of 10.

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