Deontay Wilder accused Tyson Fury of cheating in both fights; challenges to respect contract

Deontay Wilder acusó a Tyson Fury de hacer trampa en las dos peleas; reta a que respete contrato

Deontay Wilder, now yes, he completely broke the silence about the status of the third fight with Tyson fury accusing him of cheating in both fights, and challenged the English champion to keep his word.

Fury, be a man. Tyson furyIt’s time for you to be a man and honor your agreement. What is this crap that you gonna fight Carlos Takam and not against me? You’ve got to be kidding me, ”he said Wilder in the first of a series of three tweets directed at Tyson fury.

The tweet is accompanied by a video where he addresses the reasons why he has been so silent. He says they taught him that silence is golden, but his ears can still hear, and his eyes can still see.

In that video Deontay Wilder also accused Fury of cheating in the first two fights.

“In the first fight I saw that Ricky hatton he put your gloves wrong so you could put your fist in the wrong position. And they tried the same method in the second fight, but this time you scraped the skin on my ear to cause my ear to bleed, “he said. Wilder in your video message.

“There’s no way a new 10-ounce pair of gloves would warp like that, or there would be so much room in the glove,” he added. Wilder. “I think you put something blunt in your glove, something the weight and size of a small weight. And he left an incision in my face in the shape of that weight. “

Y Wilder followed, with accusations against the referee and against his own co-coach Mark Breland who threw in the towel to stop the rematch fight Wilder, and that he was fired from the American team.

“And despite all that, you could not defeat this king,” he said. Wilder. “You should have killed me. In the end, he needs a bad referee, and a disloyal coach to throw in the towel to stop me.

Wilder accused Tyson fury of being a thief using a metaphor.

“A thief who steals can make a thousand excuses that he does it because he is hungry,” he said. Wilder. “But in the end, if that thief is caught, he will have to pay seven times what he stole, even if he has to sell his entire house.”

In his second tweet, Deontay Wilder reminded him of Tyson fury everything that happened, when Wilder gave him the opportunity for the first fight.

“When you were going through your darkest stage, I told you to get well, because I would give you a shot at the world championship. And as a man of my word, I gave you the opportunity ”, he tweeted Wilder.

“When that fight was a draw, I told you I would give you a rematch. You know that they offered me more than they gave to fight with Joshua than what they paid me to fight you. Again, I was a man of my word, and I fought with you, just as I told you I would, “he continued. Wilder in another tweet.

And finally, Wilder added one last tweet.

“In the rematch contract, there was a rematch clause. Now is the time for you to be a man of your word and to honor your word, instead of wanting to free yourself from our agreement. Cowardly people run away and now they want to break their contract, you cowardly prostitute ”, he concluded Wilder.

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