Fernando Alonso could return to race in Formula 1 this year: what has to happen

Fernando Alonso

Fans of Fernando Alonso around the world are waiting for this season to end so they can see it again on top of a Formula 1 officially. Spanish will be uploaded in 2021 to Alpine (today Renault) to compete again. However, many want this year to be able to be in an appointment on the calendar, something that seems very difficult to happen.

Fernando Alonso is in the circuit of Imola, accompanying its new structure to be able to contribute its knowledge regarding the evolution of the car this season and next. After a year without stepping on a paddock, the Asturian formally returned as a Formula 1 driver. The last time he was seen prowling the pits was at the 2019 Bahrain GP, ​​where he would then perform some tests.

In an interview with a Spanish media outlet, Alonso commented on what his goals are for next season, taking into account the little activity it brings. “Unfortunately, in this sport you cannot train, only with simulators. I am looking forward to next year. Let’s see if we can adapt well to the changes and we can maintain the level of this year. To be in the Top 5 or Top 7 on a regular basis would be great.

On the other hand, Alonso assured that he is very happy to return to Formula 1 and said that he seeks to accommodate himself to the work of the team. “It is interesting to see how they work from within. I am trying to ‘soak up’ everything that happens. The team is on an upward path and coming back to Formula 1 I feel at home.

Back in 2020

Lastly, Alonso said there is a slim chance of competing in the category this season, although he doesn’t want it to happen. “There will be a day and a half of preseason per driver, so it is difficult to prepare for a World Cup. It is a new team, with new procedures and ways of working, everything is new. If I compete in 2020 it is because something has happened to one of the two current drivers, and I do not want that to happen, “he said.

Next season Fernando Alonso’s partner will be Esteban Ocon. Source: Instagram Fernando Alonso

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